Laennec Master Clinician Award

Sponsored by the Council on Clinical Cardiology

Award Application Window: April 15–June 19, 2020 at 8 p.m. (Central Time)

The Laennec Master Clinician Award provides special recognition of an individual's lifetime achievement in patient care and teaching in cardiology. The award recognizes a senior clinician with a lifetime of outstanding contributions to teaching and patient care in cardiovascular disease; exceptional insight in correlating the pathophysiology of cardiovascular disease with clinical findings at the bedside; national and international recognition of expertise in the signs, symptoms, and pathophysiology in an important area of cardiovascular disease; and national and international recognition in the application of diagnostic technology in patient care and teaching in cardiology.

The Council on Clinical Cardiology Laennec Post-Graduate Education Committee will select an honoree. The honoree will be honored at the Clinical Cardiology Dinner at Scientific Sessions in November.

Award Recipients

2019 Thomas M. Bashore, MD, FAHA
2018 Mark Drazner, MD, MSc, FAHA
2017 C. A. Sivaram, MD, MBBS
2016 Elyse Foster, MD, FAHA
2015 Carol A. Warnes, MD
2014 James (Jim) Chen-tson Fang, MD, FAHA
2013 Ken Rosenfield, MD, MSc, FAHA
2012 Eric Williams, MD

2011 Patrick O’Gara, MD, FAHA
2010 William C. Little, MD
2009 Peter Yurchak, MD (posthumous)
2008 Kenneth Baughman, MD
2007 Gabriel Gregoratos, MD, FAHA
2006 Sharon A. Hunt, MD
2005 Frank Marcus, MD, FAHA
2004 Celia Oakley, MD
2003 Roman DeSanctis, MD

2002 J. Ward Kennedy, MD
2001 William W. Parmley, MD
2000 HJC Swan, MD
1999 Melvin D. Cheitlin, MD, FAHA
1998 Michael S. Gordon, MD
1997 J. Michael Criley, MD, FAHA
1996 Ralph Shabetai, MD
1995 J. Willis Hurst, MD
1994 Nobel Fowler, MD

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