Vascular Discovery Science News 2022

This is where you will find links to exclusive videos and expert discussion on selected presentations from Vascular Discovery 2022. More information at these links:

Vascular Discovery 2022 Final Program (PDF) | 2022 Online Program Planner

Vascular Discovery 2022 Program Highlights

Program Chair Katey Rayner, PhD and Vice Chair Kathleen Martin, PhD preview the highlights planned for Vascular Discovery 2022.

Apolipoproteins, Lipoproteins, and Lipid Metabolism

Moderator Gissette Reyes-Soffer, MD leads a brief preview of some of the science being presented in a session on "Apolipoproteins, Lipoproteins, and Lipid Metabolism" during Vascular Discovery 2022 face-to-face again in Seattle. Presenters include Ainara G Cabodevilla, Phd, Diego Lucero, PhD, Vishal Kothari, PhD, and Hayley R. Powers.

Emerging Research in COVID-related Thrombosis

Presenters Sriganesh Sharma, MD, PhD, Francois Briand, PhD, and Connie Hess, MD describe their research into the mechanisms in COVID-related thrombosis, which they presented during Vascular Discovery 2022 in Seattle.

Therapeutic Targets in Atherosclerosis

Moderator Claudia Monaco, MD, PhD and participants Xiao Wang, PhD, Ozlem Tufanli Kireccibasi, PhD, Chad S. Weldy, MD, PhD, and Stefan Veizades describe their recent work investigating new therapeutic targets in atherosclerosis, which they presented during Vascular Discovery 2022.

Adversity and Cardiovascular Disease

Program Chair Katey Rayner, PhD interviews Michelle Albert, MD, MPH about her plenary session topic that focused on science on the cumulative impact of adversity on cardiovascular health and how vascular researchers are uniquely positioned to investigate the biological mechanisms involved and to potentially develop interventions for improving outcomes.

Pro-Con Debate: Will Precision Medicine Move the Needle on Cardiovascular Health?

Participants in an all new Pro/Con Debate session for Vascular Discovery 2022 briefly recap their arguments for or against the usefulness of precision medicine in its current form to prevent or treat cardiovascular disease.

Jeffrey M. Hoeg Award Lecture: Genomic Aging and Cardiovascular Disease

Program Chair Katey Rayner, PhD interviews the 2022 Jeffrey Hoeg Award Lecturer, Pradeep Natarajan, Phd, MMSc about his topic, "Genomic Aging and Cardiovascular Disease," which he presented during Vascular Discovery 2022.