Abstracts and Awards - Resuscitation Science Symposium 2022

2022 Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award

The AHA Committee on Emergency Cardiovascular Care established the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003 to honor scientists for their outstanding contributions in cardiac resuscitation science. The 2022 Award for Lifetime Achievement will be presented at 9:45 AM on Saturday, November 5.

Tom P. AufderheideThe 2022 Award will be presented to Tom P. Aufderheide, MD, MS, FACEP, Hon FACC, FAHA. Dr. Aufderheide is a Professor of Emergency Medicine, Associate Chair of Research Affairs, and Director of the NIH-funded Resuscitation Research Center in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Continuously NIH-funded for over 30 years, he is an internationally recognized researcher in the field of emergency cardiac care, whose scholarly achievements have had a significant impact on clinical practice.

He has devoted his life and career to resuscitation science, and his accomplishments and contributions to the field are varied and extensive. Through his leadership of the citizen CPR foundation, his long engagement in the AHA ECC process and ReSS meeting leadership, he has shown him to be one of the major contributors to the global resuscitation science community. He has published extensively on CPR quality, EMS CPR delivery and related topics, and has served as a major leader in the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium and the Institute of Medicine 2015 report on cardiac arrest. He has mentored many in the field, and has been a selfless collaborator, supporter, and builder in resuscitation science over more than three decades.

ReSS Champion Award

The ReSS Champion Award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated commitment to the field of resuscitation science, through championing research and/or clinical improvements, supporting resuscitation scholars, and serving as a passionate advocate for our field. This award is designated for an individual who is not a full-time healthcare professional (not a physician, nurse or paramedic) but rather someone who supports our field through their work in government, industry or public advocacy. 

This year, the award will be presented to two Champions on Saturday, November 5, at 9:45 AM.

Ward M. HamiltonWard M. Hamilton is President of the ZOLL Foundation, which provides research funding for early career investigators at the most vulnerable period of their career. He has worked in the field of resuscitation and devices for more than 40 years and is a true Resuscitation Champion who has been supporting this field through his work in government, industry, and public advocacy. Mr. Hamilton received his BA in Political Science from Hartwick College and holds a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Southern California. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Citizen CPR Foundation and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation and has been active in the American Heart Association. Mr. Hamilton joined ZOLL Medical in 1992 as Vice President of Marketing and retired as Senior Vice President in 2017. Prior to joining ZOLL, Mr. Hamilton was employed by the City of Pasadena Fire Department, Datascope Corporation and Laerdal Medical.

Kristin FlanaryKristin Flanary (aka "Lady Glaucomflecken" or @LGlaucomflecken) is also receiving the ReSS Champion Award. She is an international social media star who has been a tireless advocate for cardiac arrest survivorship and CPR delivery after providing bystander CPR to save the life of her husband, Will Flanary (aka, "Glaucomflecken" or @GDlaucomflecken). Ms. Flanary has spoken widely on CPR topics and used her social media power to support the field of resuscitation science. She brings an important and unique voice to CPR advocacy and has been an important collaborator and supporter of our field.

Ian G. Jacobs Award

The Ian G. Jacobs Award for International Group Collaboration to Advance Resuscitation was established in 2010 to recognize international collaboration among individuals over an extended period of time that has resulted in major contributions to fundamental or clinical science related to cardiac arrest or traumatic injury. 

The 2022 award will be presented to the TTM Trials Group, which is led by Drs. Niklas Neilsen and Hans Friberg in Sweden.  The TTM group has produced an impressive body of international work in post-arrest care, including two landmark trials known as the TTM 1 and TTM 2 investigations, both published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The TTM group has brought together an impressive number of investigators spanning countries in Europe and North America, with a strong collaborative spirit and rigorous scientific design.

This group embodies the spirit of Dr Ian Jacobs, in his passion for international collaboration and friendship.  The award will be presented at 10:20 AM on Saturday, November 5.

Max Harry Weil Award

Yusuke Endo, DVM, PhDThe Max Harry Weil Award for Resuscitation Science, established in 2012, honors the memory of Max Harry Weil, MD, PhD, considered a “father of critical care medicine” and a pioneer in 3CPR science. The award acknowledges the scholarly accomplishments of an early career investigator dedicated to disciplines relevant to the 3CPR Council.

The 2022 award will be presented to Yusuke Endo, DVM, PhD, who will present on Sunday morning, November 6. The title of Dr. Endo’s presentation is Monitoring the Tissue Perfusion During Hemorrhagic Shock and Resuscitation: Tissue-to-arterial Carbon Dioxide Partial Pressure Gradient in a Pig Model.

2022 ReSS Best of the Best Abstract Awards

Four recipients have been selected to receive this award for the top-scoring abstracts submitted to the Resuscitation Science Symposium. The winners of the Best Abstract Awards will be recognized during the Best of the Best Oral Abstract Presentations at 11:00 am Saturday, November 5.

Kelly R. Branch, MD, MSc
Kelley R. Branch, MD, MSc | University of Washington
Diagnostic Yield, Safety, And Outcomes with Head-to-Pelvis Sudden Death Computed Tomographic Imaging After Idiopathic Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: The CT First Cohort Study
Chelsea Morin, MD
Chelsea Morin, MD | University of Alberta
Chest Compressions Superimposed with Sustained Inflations Compared to Continuous Chest Compressions with Asynchronized Ventilation During Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Asphyxiated Pediatric Piglets - A Randomized Controlled Animal Study
Julia Garcia Mancebo, MD
Julia Garcia Mancebo, MD | Boston Children’s Hospital
Intravenous Oxygen Microparticles as Resuscitative Fluid Improves Outcomes in A Swine Model of Asphyxial Cardiac Arrest
Monique M. Gardner, MD
Monique M. Gardner, MD |Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Early Post-Cardiac Arrest Blood Pressure Thresholds Associated with Outcomes: A Secondary Analysis of The ICU-Resuscitation Trial

2021 & 2022 3CPR Emergency Medical Services Travel Stipends

Sponsored by the Council on Cardiopulmonary, Critical Care, Perioperative and Resuscitation (3CPR), the EMS travel stipends allow EMS chiefs, educators, and other non-physician EMS leadership to attend ReSS. The recipients of these travel stipends were selected based on their commitment and interest in cardiac arrest, CPR and resuscitation care, their potential to make an impact in out-of-hospital resuscitation care, and their record of EMS accomplishments.

2022 Recipients

  • David J. Dennis, EMT-P
  • Damon Gorelick, EMT-P
  • Jeff W. Maxin, ACP, EMT-P
  • Pandora Peckne, LP
  • Kayla Riel, MPH, EMT-B

2021 Recipients

  • Matt Cox, NRP
  • Naila Francies, EMT-P
  • Crystal M. Hardin, EMT-P
  • Scott Hatcher, EMT-P
  • Marsha K. Knight, AAS, NRP, MCCP



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