Science News from BCVS 2014 Scientific Sessions

Basic Cardiovascular Sciences

Welcome to BCVS 2014 Science News coverage from Las Vegas, NV! This year, BCVS is focusing on Pathways to Cardiovascular Therapeutics.

We're marking the 10th anniversary of our annual meeting; thank you for joining us to celebrate this accomplishment as we further expand our reach and relevance.

Archived materials for 2014:

BCVS 2014: What We Learned

The Program Co-Chairs for BCVS 2014 review the highlights of this year's Scientific Sessions.

Selected Science for Monday, July 14

Monday's science and videos can be found on Monday's page

  • Exclusive Video: BCVS Council Chair Joshua Hare, MD on what BCVS Scientific Sessions has to offer
  • Exclusive Video: Drug Discovery and Targeting Novel Necrosis Signaling in the Heart, Richard N. Kitsis, MD
  • Exclusive Video and Keynote Lecture: Cancer Stem Cells: Lessons Learned from Glioblastomas, Inder Verma, PhD
  • Presentation: Exercise-based Discovery of Novel Targets in Heart Disease, Anthony Rosenzweig, MD
  • Presentation: Redox Modifications of Proteins Involved in Cardiac Arrhythmogenesis During Reperfusion, Cecilia Mundiña-Weilenmann, PhD

Selected Science from Tuesday, July 15

Tuesday's science and videos can be found on Tuesday's page

  • Exclusive Video: BCVS 2014 - Pathways to Cardiovascular Therapeutics, Burns C. Blaxall, PhD
  • Exclusive Video: Genotype-phenotype Interactions in Cardiomyopathy, Elizabeth McNally, MD, PhD
  • Presentation: An Integrative Approach to Sarcomeric Cardiomyopathies: From Computation to Animal Models, Jil Tardiff, MD, PhD
  • Presentation: The Cardiosplenic Axis in Heart Failure, Sumanth Prabhu, MD
  • Presentation: Myocardial Reductive Stress, Ivor J. Benjamin, MD

Selected Science from Wednesday, July 16

Wednesday's science and videos can be found on Wednesday's page

  • Exclusive Video and Presentation: PDGFRα Demarcates the Cardiogenic Clonogenic Sca-1+ Stem Cell in Adult Myocardium, Michael Schneider, MD
  • Exclusive Videos and Presentations: Early Career Award Finalists: Konstantinos Drosatos, MSci, PhD, (Winner), Chongwon Kho, PhD, and Il-man Kim, PhD
  • Presentation: Discovery, Progress, and Challenges of Direct Cardiac Reprogramming for Heart Repair, Masaki Ieda, MD 

Selected Science from Thursday, July 17

Thursday's science and videos can be found on Thursday's page

  • Presentation: Proteotoxicity and Cardiac Dysfunction, Jeffrey Robbins, PhD
  • Exclusive video: Advances and Lessons Learned From Clinical Trials with Cardiac Stem Cells, Roberto Bolli, MD
  • Exclusive video: What We Learned at BCVS 2014, Burns C. Blaxall, PhD, Ju Chen, PhD, and Joseph Wu, MD, PhD