Membership Testimonials

Maurizio Paciaroni, MD

“Being an AHA member has given me the opportunity to remain updated on international guidelines and recently published research pertaining to vascular medicine.”

 —Maurizio Paciaroni, MD

Claudio Pinho, MD

“My AHA membership is important in my career because it makes me study hard in order to be always at the same level as the best cardiologists in the World.”

 —Claudio Pinho, MD

Mikhail Miller, MD

“My AHA membership provides knowledge of all modern concepts in cardiology. This is very useful for my patients.”

 —Mikhail Miller, MD

Simin Liu, MD, ScD, FAHA

“Membership helps me join the most inclusive network of exceptional investigators and practitioners in the field of cardiometabolic health”

 —Simin Liu, MD, ScD, FAHA

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