AHA Early Career & FIT Blogging Program

The AHA Early Career & FIT Blogging Program is an innovative platform that provides early career professionals the opportunity to establish a robust digital portfolio by writing blog articles to be featured on the AHA Early Career Voice, becoming a social media influencer, and receive professional training by the AHA.

Why Should You Become an Early Career & FIT Blogger?

  • Blog articles featured on the AHA Early Career Voice blog
  • Blog authors promoted on official AHA social media accounts
  • Receive training on news media, social media, interviewing skills with senior investigators, and more.
  • Complimentary registration to all AHA conferences occurring within the term limit
  • Live tweet from AHA conferences
  • All-Access Media Pass at Scientific Sessions – attend embargoed media briefings with high profile trialists, network with science and medicine journalists from around the world, and more! 

Senior 2019-20 Early Career Bloggers

Christa Trexler Headshot

Christa Trexler, PhD


Elizabeth Knight Headshot

Elizabeth Knight, PhD, DNP, FNP-C


Jeffrey Hsu Headshot

Jeffrey Hsu, MD


Allison Webel Headshot

Allison Webel, PhD


Nosheen Reza Headshot

Nosheen Reza, MD


2019-20 Early Career Bloggers

Aaysha Cader Headshot

Aaysha Cader, MD, MRCP


Adham Karim Headshot

Adham Karim, MD


Amr Barakat Headshot

Amr Barakat, MD


Anika Hines Headshot

Anika Hines, PhD


Barinder Hansra Headshot

Barinder Hansra, MD


Carl Streed Jr Headshot

Carl Streed Jr, MD MPH FACP


Dapo Iluyomade Headshot

Dapo Iluyomade, MD


David Paik Headshot

David Paik, PhD


Lina Ya'qoub Headshot

Lina Ya'qoub, MD


Michel Ibrahim Headshot

Michel Ibrahim, MD


Mohammad (Mo) Al-Khalaf Headshot

Mohammad (Mo) Al-Khalaf, PhD


Nasrien Ibrahim Headshot

Nasrien Ibrahim, MD


Noora Alhajri Headshot

Noora Alhajri, MD


Hena Patel Headshot

Hena Patel, MD


Sasha Prisco Headshot

Sasha Prisco, MD, PhD


Sumeet Pawar Headshot

Sumeet Pawar, MD


Ujjwal Rastogi Headshot

Ujjwal Rastogi, MD


Alyssa Vermeulen Headshot

Alyssa Vermeulen, DO


William Aitken Headshot

William Aitken, MD


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