Fellows in Training - FIT Opportunities

At AHA, we aim to engage our FITs in meaningful activities that will:

  • Build your portfolio and resumes to advance your career
  • Learn critical and cutting-edge skills and knowledge
  • Provide opportunities for FITs to gain national exposure through the AHA website, social media, and Sessions and conferences

AHA Engagements are meant to be lifelong and career-long.  Advancements in AHA are based on your achievements, efforts in working on behalf of AHA, and continued membership.  We hope FIT Program is a starting point for you at the AHA, and that you will continue to see AHA as your home of Science and Medicine.

Select AHA National Opportunities offered to FITs

  • Publish with AHA’s Professional Heart Daily as a volunteer contributor
  • Participate as a trainee reviewer for AHA Journals;
  • Live-tweeting major science conferences for AHA;
  • Create content towards the developments of AHA Scientific Statements & Guidelines and the Science News Top Ten Things to Know;
  • Participate in peer review training and be assigned to a peer review committee for AHA Research;
  • Develop and execute FIT programming at AHA Scientific Sessions
  • Participate in AHA Scientific Councils Science Subcommittees;
  • Assist in content creation and beta testing of AHA apps and online educational courses