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George Lyman Duff Memorial Lecture

Sponsored by the Council on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology

The George Lyman Duff Memorial Lecture was established in 1956 by the Society for the Study of Arteriosclerosis in memory of Dr. Duff, a founding member and past president of the society. Dr. Duff was one of Canada’s most distinguished pathologists and medical educators.

The Duff Lecture is one of three ATVB named lectures presented annually at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions. Honorees are selected by ATVB Council leadership and are invited to present a lecture on a topic of their choice.

Award Recipients

2019 Robert A. Hegele, MD, FAHA
2018 Ruth McPherson, MD, PhD
2017 Ira J. Goldberg, MD, FAHA
2016 Stanley Leon Hazen, MD, PhD, FAHA
2015 Michael Phillips PhD, Dsc, FAHA
2014 Helen Hobbs, MD
2013 Edward Fisher, MD, PhD, FAHA
2012 Daniel J. Rader, MD
2011 Stephen G. Young, MD, FAHA
2010 Ernst Schaefer, MD, FAHA
2009 Linda Curtiss, PhD, FAHA
2008 Aldons J. Lusis, PhD
2007 Göran K. Hansson, MD, PhD
2006 Gustav Schonfeld, MD
2005 Donald Heistad, MD
2004 Henry Ginsberg, MD
2003 Godfrey S. Getz, MD, PhD
2002 Bryan Brewer, MD
Silvia Santamarina-Fojo, MD, PhD
2001 Joseph L. Witztum, PhD
2000 Roger A. Davis, PhD
1999 Alan R. Tall, MD
1998 Peter Libby, MD
1997 Angelo Scanu, MD
1996 Ana Jonas, PhD
1995 Jan Breslow, MD
1994 Alan M. Fogelman, MD
1993 John Dietschy, MD
1992 David H. Blankenhorn, MD
1991 Edwin L. Bierman, MD
1990 Scott M. Grundy, MD
1989 William E. Conner, MD
1988 DeWitt S. Goodman, MD
1987 Robert W. Mahley, MD, PhD
1986 Donald M. Smal, MD
1985 Thomas B. Clarkson, DVM
1984 Richard J. Havel, MD
1983 Henry C. McGill, Jr., MD
1982 Daniel Steinberg, MD, PhD
1981 Michael S. Brown, MD
Joseph L. Goldstein, MD
1980 Russell Ross, PhD
1979 John A. Glomset, MD
1978 Donald B. Zilversmit, PhD
1977 Jeremiah Stamler, MD
1976 Donald S. Frederickson, MD
1975 Christian de Duve, MD
1974 Robert O. Scow, MD
1973 Harriet P. Dustan, MD
1972 Marvin D. Siperstein, MD
1971 Theodore Cooper, MD
1970 Louis N. Katz, MD
1969 Edward H. Ahrens, Jr., MD
1968 Irvine H. Page, MD
1967 Ancel Keys, PhD
1966 Stuart Bondurant, MD
1965 John W Gofman, MD
1964 Frank  Mason Sones, Jr, MD
1963 Oscar D. Ratnoff, MD
1962 Eugene M. Landis, MD
1961 Don W. Fawcett, MD
1960 Howard B. Sprague, MD
1959 Paul Dudley White, MD
1958 George E. Wakerlin, PhD, MD
1957 William Boyd, MD