Science News: ReSS Science 2014

Scientific Sessions 2014

November 15–19, 2014
Chicago, Illinois

Saturday's Resuscitation Science

Statewide Implementation of a Standardized Prearrival Telephone CPR Program Is Associated with Increased Bystander CPR and Survival from Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Bentley Bobrow | Arizona Department of Health Services, Phoenix, AZ

Early PCI Is Associated with Short- and Long-Term Outcome After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Guillaume Geri | Cochin Hospital, Paris, France

Sunday's Resuscitation Science

Increasing Compression Rate and Depth Positively Correlate with End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide During Actual CPR Performance
Kelsey Sheak | University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Remote Limb Ischemic Postconditioning Improves Postresuscitation Cerebrovascular Circulation and Survival/Neurological Prognoses via In Situ and Remote Activation of Akt-eNOS-NO Signaling Pathway
Wei-Tien Chang | National Taiwan University Hospital and College of Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan