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Scientific Sessions 2020

November 14–16, 2020

Dallas, Texas

Exhibitors, Sponsors, Marketing, PR, and Advertising

Badge Registration

Are you an exhibiting, presenting or sponsoring corporation that wants to register individual representatives including corporate public relations/advertising/marketing staff, or representatives from public relations firms and/or advertising agencies?  Register now for your badge to the conference.

Getting your Material to the Media

Are you interested in providing materials to news media covering Scientific Sessions 2019? Now your materials are only a click away from the news media. Register your company now for the Online Industry Newsroom.

Media materials to be posted in the Scientific Sessions Online Industry Newsroom should be emailed to  We will begin accepting materials September 1, 2019. They will be accessible to media starting on October 28, 2019. Please allow 24 hours for the materials to be posted in the newsroom if they are submitted after October 26.

NOTE: All non-late breaking science will come off embargo on Monday, November 11, 2019 at 5:00 a.m. ET, so to get your materials to the media in advance of that embargo, they should be submitted by October 26, 2019.

In order to maximize the ease in which the media can search your materials, please follow these guidelines:

  • Name Your Files Correctly:
    As there are many companies and materials being published in the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions Online Industry Newsroom, it is important to label your files correctly. To help us ensure proper categorizing and publishing, please save your files exactly as displayed below (separated by underscores):

    Example: 101818_AHA_heartdiseasestudy.pdf

    * Most file types are acceptable (movies, PowerPoint, Word documents, keynote, PDF files). Keep in mind, file size will impact transfer/download times.
  • Searchable Keyword(s) for Materials:
    All materials submitted and published will be searchable by keywords of your choosing. When submitting your materials, please include keywords you feel will allow the media to easily find your materials. Some of the keywords that will be used by default are: Date of presentation, company name, topic title.

    Some keywords you may think about including with your material submissions are words such as: presenter's name, pharmaceutical name, and symptoms.
  • Late Submissions:
    Should you have late-breaking materials, and/or updated materials which need to be submitted once Scientific Sessions has started, please email those materials to
    To ensure the success of your materials being published for distribution, remember to make a backup copy of all files.

    For additional assistance, please email or call 214-706-1173.

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