Stroke Editor's Picks for June 2020

Every issue, the Editor-in-Chief selects two articles that he finds particularly interesting and important. The full-text articles are free for all users to read online or download.

Prevalence of Ipsilateral Nonstenotic Carotid Plaques on Computed Tomography Angiography in Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source
Johanna M. Ospel, Nishita Singh, Martha Marko, Mohammed Almekhlafi, Dar Dowlatshahi, Josep Puig, Andrew Demchuk, Shelagh B. Coutts, Michael D. Hill, Bijoy K. Menon, Mayank Goyal

Nonstenoic Cartoid EP June 2020

Time Matters: Adjusted Analysis of the Influence of Direct Transfer to Angiography-Suite Protocol in Functional Outcome
Manuel Requena, Marta Olivé, Álvaro García-Tornel, Noelia Rodríguez-Villatoro, Matías Deck, Jesús Juega, Sandra Boned, Marian Muchada, Carlos Piñana, Pilar Coscojuela, Jorge Pagola, David Rodríguez-Luna, David Hernández, Marta Rubiera, Carlos A. Molina, Alejandro Tomasello, Marc Ribo

Time matters EP June 2020

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