Postdoctoral Fellowship Awardees

Koki Abe M.D., Ph.D. - Novel mechanisms underlying improved ischemic tolerance of female kidneys
Megha Agarwal - PhD Understanding left ventricular non-compaction through myocardial-endocardial crosstalk using human cardiac organoid
Anu Aggarwal Ph.D. - Protective Platelet and Vascular Responses via Olfactory Receptor 2L13
Azaj Ahmed PhD - Mechanism of platelet regulation and thrombosis in early-diabetes state
Juheb Akhter Ph.D. - Myeloid ferritin heavy chain regulates sepsis-induced hyperinflammation and kidney injury
Surendra Kumar Anand Ph.D. - Role of SH2 domain protein E (SHE) and ABL signaling in vascular tubulogenesis.
SUMIT KUMAR ANAND Ph.D. - Metabolism and therapeutic potential of N-oleoyl leucine in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and atherosclerosis
Samar Antar Ph.D -A Novel Approach for Treating Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Kajsa Arkelius PhD - TMEM97 in Neurorecovery from Stroke
Vijay Arruri PhD - Post-transcriptional gene regulation by circPum-1/NORAD/Pum-1 interaction in ischemic stroke
Garima Arya Ph.D. - Bacteriophage resistance promotes antibiotic sensitization of Enterococcus faecium
Anna Atamanchuk Ph.D. - Epac1 and Epac2 complementary regulate water homeostasis in the sex-dependent manner
Asli Ekin Atici Ph.D., Msc. - Role of complement system in the experimental murine model of Kawasaki Disease vasculitis
Whitley Atkins Ph.D. - Heat waves and the elderly with COPD: reducing thermal and cardiovascular consequences.
Syed Baseeruddin Ph.D. - Role of Zinc-based Bioresorbable Metal-Organic Framework for cardiovascular applications
Parya Behzadi PhD - Uncovering mechanisms driving medial arterial calcification
Grace Catherine Bellinger Ph.D. - Understanding how structure of acute stroke rehabilitation delivery relates to mobility outcomes
Mayara Santos Bertolini BS, MS - The role of polyphosphate during Trypanosoma cruzi life cycle
Meriem Bkhache PhD - The functional roles of Cxcr4 in Lymphangiogenesis
Ruslan Bohovyk Ph.D. - The role of protease-activated receptors in excessive calcium influx in podocytes
Orla Bonnar PhD - Perivascular Clearance as a therapeutic target in Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy
Niyati Borkar PhD - Mechanosensitive Pathways in Asthma of the Elderly
Michael Boucher Ph.D. - Host sensing mechanisms in the fungal meningitis pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans
Asma Boukhalfa PhD - Regulatory Pathways of Autophagy Machineries in Cardiomyopathy
Jessica Briscoe M.D. - Optimizing Hemodynamic Mechanisms of Neuroprotection in Antegrade Cerebral Perfusion for Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest
Henrique Camara Ph.D. - Determining the function of vascular smooth muscle adipocyte progenitors to adipose tissue function
Baruc Campos Ph.D. - Contributions of Somatostatin interneurons to peri-infarct circuit plasticity during recovery from stroke.
Robin CANAC - The role of chromatin remodeling in Hedgehog signaling-dependent control of cardiac progenitor differentiation
Benjamin James Cathcart - NMN Supplementation For The Rescue of NAD+ and PARylation in Lamin Associated Cardiomyopathy
Satyaki Chatterjee Ph.D. - Ligand-induced Dynamics of Glutamate Transporters
Surbhi Chaudhary PhD - Lipid Metabolism Controlled Hematopoiesis and Atherosclerosis
Si Chen Ph.D. - Role of PDE10A-mediated cyclic nucleotide signaling in pathological cardiac remodeling and dysfunction
Yingjia Chen PhD - Bariatric surgery-upregulated small intestinal bile acid improves type 2 diabetes and exerts cardioprotection
Xiaohang Cheng Ph.D. - Regulating material properties of focal adhesion through protein liquid-liquid phase separation
Shasha Cheng Ph.D. - In vivo base editing rescues heart and kidney defects in ADPKD mice
Cassandra Clift Ph.D. - Defining the Histone Code of Epigenetic Regulation in Calcific Aortic Valve Stenosis via Multi-Omics Approaches
Anne-Sophie Colombe Ph.D. - Regulation of cardiac hypertrophy by a calcineurin-CIP4 intracellular signaling compartment
Yuanyuan Dai - Elucidating Intercellular Crosstalk Signaling in Human Dilated Cardiomyopathy
Vikram Dalal Ph.D. - Structural mechanism of TRPM3 activation and inhibition
Isabella Damiani PhD - The effect of electronic cigarette exposure on vascular smooth muscle cell phenotypic modulation and atherosclerosis
Sandeep Das Ph.D., - Mechanisms of oxalate lowering for concurrent treatment of nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and atherosclerosis
Jielin Deng PhD - Characterization of the cardiac secretome in a genetic mouse model of heart failure through in vivo proximity labeling
Samarth S Durgam - MBBS Defining the multifaceted roles of chimeric antigen receptor-regulatory T cells (CAR-Tregs) in transplantation tolerance
Shamali Dusane PhD - Movement amplification to improve walking balance and physical activity post-stroke
Sumita Dutta PhD - Gut microbial N-acyl serinols regulate obesity-driven heart failure with preserved ejection fraction by GPR119 signaling
Roshan Dutta Ph.D - Role of METTL3 Mediated CTNND1 RNA methylation in Cardiac fibrosis
Andrea Elia Ph.D. - Cardiac Aß pathology, neuro-signaling dysfunction, and myocardial denervation in Alzheimer’s disease model
Paola Filigrana Ph.D - Residential segregation, neighborhood and individual-level deprivation and cardiovascular and brain health
Lucile Fossier PhD - Bifunctional actuator to reverse Nav1.5 dysfunction linked to arrhythmias.
Kirin Gada Ph.D. - Regulation of Cardiac NaV channels by PIP2 in health and disease
Avishek Ghosh Ph.D. - Investigating the molecular determinants of stabilizing endothelial junctions in homeostasis and disease
Marissa Gionet-Gonzales PhD - Investigating the viscoelasticity of the cardiac tissue and its influence on cardiomyocytes
PRERNA GIRI Ph.D. - The Z-Disc: Nodal Point for Mechanotransduction in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Lin Grimm Ph.D. - Somite-derived endothelial cells integrate into the dorsal aorta to instruct hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell fate
Ya Guan PhD - Immune-endothelial cell dysfunction in radiation-induced atherosclerosis
Prerak Gupta PhD - Engineering membrane protein-protein interactions to treat vascular injury
Charan Gurrala PhD - Epigenetic regulation of Gender dimorphism in progenitor cell reparative functions
Erika Gutierrez Lara PhD - Dissecting Causal Relationships Between Desmosomal Deficiency and Inflammation In Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathy
Safaa Hammoud PhD - Blocking tubular cell cycle induces protective metabolic changes in chronic kidney disease
Yanxiao Han PhD - Cooperation of Estrogen and Adrenergic Receptors in Cardiovascular Function: Mechanism and Impact
Abigail Hellman PhD - Oxytocin receptor in the spinal neuraxial modulation of ventricular excitability
Jinhong Hu Ph.D - Structural and functional investigation of the TRPM4 channel at body temperature
Yitao Huang B.M. - Targeting a novel histone code reader to mitigate post-surgery neointimal hyperplasia
Shuaibo Huang - The role of CSF1 signaling in repair and remodeling of the infarcted heart
Saul Huerta de la Cruz Ph.D. - Capillary KATP channels in cell-cell communication and endothelial cell calcium signaling
Nataliia Hula PhD - Sterile inflammation and cardiovascular complications during pregnancy
Pacific Huynh Ph.D - The influence of sleep fragmentation on myocardial infarction
Ishita Jain DPhil - 3D model of endothelial-to-mesenchymal transition for single cell transcriptomics and drug screening
Anurag Jamaiyar PhD - MicroRNA-342-3p in acute myocardial infarction and angiogenesis
Seungje Jeon Ph.D. - Roles of ATF3 in HFpEF-associated atrial fibrillation
Hui Ji PhD - Repulsive interactions in neural development
Wentong Jia PhD - Role of mitochondria transfer in myocardial infarction and associated systemic inflammation
XUANYI JIN - Characterizing Life-course Myocardial Mechanics in Black and White men and women from the Bogalusa Heart Study
Timothy Louis Molloy Jones Ph.D - Mechanisms of HDAC8 modulation of cardiomyocyte relaxation
Akshay Joshi Ph.D. - Engineering basement membrane matrix delivery to restore vascular integrity
Aditya Kanwal Ph.D - Studying TTNtv pathogenicity and developing a therapy using CRISPRa mice
Harpreet Kaur - Role of Neutrophils in Hemorrhagic Stroke
Caroline Dana KEROACK Ph.D. - Defining the molecular mediators of cell morphogenesis in Trypanosoma cruzi
Shubham Khetan PhD - A systematic survey of CHD-associated coding variants in NKX2.5, GATA4 and TBX5 on DNA binding
Sina Kianersi PhD - Observational and genetic associations of chronotype with Life's Essential 8 and cardiovascular disease risk
Yunhye Kim PhD - Deficiency of Smooth Muscle ADAR1 Exacerbates Vascular Remodeling and Pulmonary Hypertension
SunYoung Kim - Alcohol and Notch Pathway Mutations Synergistically Induce Atrioventricular Canal Defects: Potential Rescue by Folate
Yerin Kim PhD - Role of shear-dependent S-Nitrosylation of HEG1 in endothelial cells and atherosclerosis
Xiaohui Kong Ph.D. - Precision Base Editing to Rescue LMNA Mutation-induced Cardiomyopathy
Khadijeh Koushki Ph.D. - Alleviating radiation-induced cardiovascular disease with a radioprotective fullerene derivative
Anshu Kumari Ph.D. - Cardiolipin Modulation of Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter in Barth Syndrome.
Jingu Lee Ph.D - Role of neutrophil IKKß in neutrophil recruitment and brain damage during ischemic stroke
Jihui Lee Ph.D. - Role of CXCR3-CXCL11 signaling during cardiovascular development in the endothelium
Yahan Li Ph.D. - Investigation of the imprinting regulation at Grb10-Ddc locus and their roles in heart development
Amulya Lingaraju PhD - Luminal BSH Overexpression Recapituates Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Associated Atherosclerosis
Christina Lisk Ph.D - Targeting Macrophage Populations to Attenuate Pulmonary Hypertension Associated with Sickle Cell Disease
Yue Public Liu Ph.D. - How the distal centriole participates in heart development
Xuejing Liu Ph.D. - Endothelial AGO1: a novel regulator of hyperlipidemia and atherosclerosis
Lin Liu Ph.D. - YAP induces cardiogenesis by directing cardiomyocyte metabolic remodeling
Cheng-I Jonathan Ma Ph.D. - Investigating the roles of sterol transport protein STARD4 in foam cell formation
Xiang Ma - Identifying triggers of vascular regression in diabetic retinopathy
Xinxin MA MD - Neutrophils-derived miR-223-3p attenuates myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury by targeting RhoB in endothelial cells
Chima Victor Maduka Ph.D. - Precision Hydrogel Therapies to Target Fibroblast Activation Protein after Myocardial Infarction
Suresh Kumar Reddy Mallepalli PhD - Studying cofilin's role in recurrent hypoglycemia-linked stroke risk in insulin-treated diabetic rats
Ashish Manohar Ph.D. - Integrative structural and functional image analysis for enhanced risk stratification in left ventricular noncompaction
Juan Ignacio Elio Mariangelo PhD - Role of SOCE in the Regulation of Local Protein Synthesis in Hypertrophy
Anthony Maroun M.D. - 3D Hemodynamic Surveillance for Improved Risk Prediction in Type B Aortic Dissection
Amanda Mauro PhD - Pannexin 1 Regulation of Cerebral Blood Flow in Alzheimer's Disease
Karolline May PhD - Adipose tissue as a target for gut-derived short-chain fatty acids to modulate obesity
Ulrich Mbiakop - Wnt proteins are endothelial cell-derived autocrine PKD1/PKD2 ligands that elicit vasodilation
Adrian Mehrtash PH.D - Unraveling the role of HECT E3 ubiquitin ligases in Plasmodium egress
Perenkita Mendiola Ph.D. - High salt and increased blood pressure variability as co-morbid risk factors for cognitive decline.
Perenkita Mendiola Ph.D. - High salt and increased blood pressure variability as co-morbid risk factors for cognitive decline.
Neema Minja MMed, MPH - Estimating the excess mortality due to Rheumatic Heart Disease in Uganda using Verbal Autopsy
Jonathon Muncie Ph.D. - Deciphering the Role of Mef2c in Allocating Second Heart Field Progenitors to the Linear Heart Tube
Patricia Murphy Ph.D. - Elucidating neurovascular-immune interactions in hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
Dr Sakthijothi Muthu Ph.D. - Mitochondrial Complex-I modifications and regulation during myocardial Ischemia and reperfusion injury
Venkata Srikrishna Karthik Nadendla Ph.D. - Programming plasmin as a direct-acting thrombolytic agent
Ho Namkung Ph.D. - Heart-Brain Interaction: Investigating the Mechanistic Basis for Linking the Heart with Emotions
David Ngai PhD - The role of efferocytosis-induced lactate in atherosclerosis regression and inflammation resolution
Hung Nguyen Ph.D. - Post-ischemic protection of subcortical white matter following an ischemic attack
Sarbjeet Niraula PhD - Human Gut Commensals Associated with Major Adverse Limb Events after Leg Revascularization for Peripheral Artery Disease
Ayodeji Augustine Olabiyi PhD - Modulatory effect of p1159 on adverse cardiac remodeling
Radoslaw Omelianczyk Ph.D - Adaptations of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum to sickle trait blood
Buyan-Ochir Orgil MD - Effects of sex hormones and sex-based responses to diet and stress in the development of arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy
Thiele Osvaldt Rosales Ph.D. - Role of GRK2 S-nitrosylation in heart failure
Liu Ouyang M.D., Ph.D. - The Role of SNRK in Vascular Calcification
Alexandre Paccalet Ph.D - Bone marrow niche metabolism and hematopoiesis in sedentary lifestyle
Rakeshkumar Patel Ph.D. - Role of von Willebrand factor in linking respiratory tract infection and onset of stroke
Alejandra Patino Guerrero Ph.D - Nanoengineering electroconductive heart tissues for post-myocardial infarction repair
Andrea Perrelli PhD - Control of endothelial barrier stability by subcellular trafficking of KRIT1
Joao Pinho Monteiro Ph.D - PDGFD signaling regulates epigenetic and transcriptional networks that modulate vascular remodeling in atherosclerosis
Srijana Pokhrel PhD - The role of IkZF factor Aiolos in regulating the differentiation and function of CD8+ virtual memory T cells
Guyu Qin PhD - Mechanism of Dioxin Induced Adverse Remodeling of Atherosclerosis
Markus Ramste M.D., Ph.D - The role of BMP1 in coronary artery disease risk
Jesse Rattan M.P.H - A Community Health Worker Intervention to Improve Short- and Long-term Outcomes in Black Patients with Preeclampsia
Lu Ren PhD - Mechanisms of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor-induced Sinoatrial Node Dysfunction
Juan Antonio Requena-Ibanez M.D. Cardiologist. - SOTA-P-CARDIA Clinical Trial.
Maryam Rezaei Gazik PhD - The role of UFSP2 in the homeostasis of the heart
Elena Rodriguez Sanchez Ph.D. - Role of RNA Helicases in Atherosclerosis
Amir Rouhollahi PhD - Leveraging deep learning algorithms for risk stratification and therapy planning in patients with aortic stenosis
Rinku Roy Ph.D. - Restoring Grasp Ability in Stroke Survivors through Motor Imagery-Based Training with EEG Feedback
Madhur Sachan Ph.D. - MicroRNA-1282 as a Cis-Antisense Regulator of Angiogenesis in Diabetic CLI
Ana Sachetto Ph.D. - Evaluation of a C1 inhibitor variant as a novel hemostasis sparing anticoagulant
Shreya Sangam Ph.D. - RXFP1 Signaling in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Laura Sherer Ph.D - The Effect of BAG3 Cleavage on Protein Quality Control in Ischemia-Reperfusion Stress
Renee de Nazare Silva Ph.D., M.S. - Placental inflammation and circulating mitochondria-derived factors in preeclampsia
Ajit Kumar Singh Ph.D - PfBDP1: A master regulator of red blood cell invasion genes
Joshua Smith Ph.D. - Deep integration of multi-omics and patient health data to clarify risk factors of enterococcal infective endocarditis
Rafael Sobrano Fais Ph.D. - Sexual Dimorphisms in NLRP3 Signaling in Right Ventricular Failure
Jee Hyung Sohn PhD - Regulatory Mechanisms of Mitochondrial Cristae Formation Modulating Thermogenic Function
Daniel James Sprague MD/PhD - Treating Vascular Pathology of Schistosomiasis: Exploiting Hepatic Stellate Cell Biology
Brian Spurlock Ph.D. - Studying Mitochondrial Dynamics and Energetics During Cardiac Reprogramming
Karthi Sreedevi PhD - Novel Role of Perm1 in O-GlcNAcylation and Heart Failure
Noah Steinfeld Ph.D. - Characterizing a novel mechanism that contributes to the development of atherosclerosis
Sini Sunny PhD - The Human G31R mutation in Nrf2 (Nrf2G31R) Induces Reductive Stress Cardiomyopathy
Varsha Tandra BSC - Exploring protein ufmylation: from ER dynamics to cardiac homeostasis
Jinglian Tao MD - Non canonical sphingolipids as modulators of NR2F1/2 dependent transcription in human endothelial development
Jessica L. Teo Ph.D - Investigating flow-induced Notch-activated vascular barrier function using SynNotch receptors
Abigail Tice Ph.D. - The role of PDK4 in the ischemic mitochondrial myopathy of chronic limb threatening ischemia
Trevor Tippetts - Using defective lipoylation as a window into cardiac fuel consumption and failure
Ashish Toshniwal Ph.D. - The role of pyruvate dehydrogenase in cardiac hypertrophy
Casey G. Turner Ph.D. - The role of smooth muscle cell estrogen receptor alpha in aging-associated arterial stiffness
Mariana Sayuri Berto Udo Ph.D. - Defining PRMT4-Adenosine pathway in vascular dementia
Kiyoshi Uemasu Ph.D., M.D. - Role of QKI (Quaking homolog, KH domain RNA binding) in Chronic Obstruct Disease
Fahimeh Varzideh PhD - A Novel Strategy Against Cardiotoxicity
Nivedhitha Velayutham Ph.D. - Role for the DREAM complex in human iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte maturation and quiescence
Ana Villasenor-Altamiran Ph.D. - Immunoregulatory pathways in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Hitarthi Vyas Ph.D - Decoding molecular signals regulating atrial natriuretic peptide secretion and blood pressure homeostasis
Zhenguo Wang PhD - PRDM16-mediated browning in perivascular adipose tissue inhibits thoracic aortic aneurysm by repressing resistin
Takuro Washio Ph.D. - Antihypertensive drug effects on cerebral hemodynamics and sympathetic control in older hypertensive patients
Lianna Wat Ph.D - Sex-specific regulation of metabolic dysfunction
Olivia Weeks Ph.D. - Cardiovascular Diseases in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Wei Wei Ph.D. - Identifying Mechanisms that Control the Anti-Obesity Effects of Exercise-inducible Secreted CES2
Hadi Wiputra BME - Prediction of Thoracic Aorta Aneurysm Rupture based on Flow, Shape, Aortic Stiffness, and a Growth & Remodeling Model
Scott Wirth M.D. - Use of Large Language Models to Scale Training for Rheumatic Heart Disease Screening Among Primary Care Nurses in Uganda
Anteneh Getachew Woldemariam Ph.D. - Dual CRISPRa and CRISPRko screens systematically define factors critical for direct cardiac reprogramming
Curtis Woodford MD - Activated Notch4 enhances recovery in a mouse model of peripheral artery disease
Xuekun Wu Ph.D. - Elucidating Cardiac Fibroblast Activation at Single-cell Resolution
Yixuan Wu Ph.D. - Unveiling Sex-specific Mechanisms of Atrial Ca2+ Dysregulation and Ca2+-driven Arrhythmia via Multiscale Modeling
Shuke Xiao Ph.D. - Circulating metformin induced signaling metabolites that regulate energy homeostasis
Shaolei Xiong Ph.D. - Expanding brown adipose tissue through manipulating Pdgfrß+ mural cells
Keman Xu M.S. - GPR55-Osteopontin Pathway: A Facilitator of Atherosclerosis Development
Ryuichiro Yagi M.D. - Developing interpretable algorithms for accurate early detection and prediction of cardiovascular diseases
Tadashi Yamamuro Ph.D. - Deciphering the Role of Mitochondrial PEP Metabolism in Obesity and Metabolic Diseases
Simin Yan Ph.D. - Regulation of aquaporin 1 expression by shear stress in pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells
Yu-sheng Yeh - Dissecting the relative importance of lysosomal versus cytoplasmic lipolysis in adipose tissue during obesity
Hui-Min Yin Ph.D - Deciphering the molecular mechanism by which Pontin regulates cardiomyocyte proliferation during heart regeneration
Yang Yu Ph.D. - Modeling pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum using patient-specific iPSC derived cardiac organoids
Minzhi Yu Ph.D. - Development of nitro-fatty-acid loaded synthetic high-density lipoproteins for abdominal arterial aneurysm treatment
Shuai Yuan PhD - From Normal Abdominal Aorta to Aneurysms: Unpacking Genetic Uniqueness and Refining Risk Prediction
Hongxia Zhang Ph.D - Promoting Ischemic Tolerance in Type 2 Diabetes via Postconditioning
Bichen Zhang Ph.D - The regulatory role of hepatic glycogen in lipid metabolism
Zheng Zhang Ph.D. - Correlating Neuroanatomical Lesions to Impaired Consciousness in Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke
Chongyang Zhang Ph.D. - Mechanism Underlying Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Induced by Reduced SOX17 in Congenital Heart Disease
yan zhang Ph.D. - The role of cGAS/STING axis in thrombosis
Feng Zhang MD - A Novel Post-Translational Modification of YAP Affects its Activity to Regulate Cardiac Regeneration
Liming Zhao M.D. - Vessel Stem Cell Niche Characterization and Biomimetic Synthesis for Ischemic Rescue
Bohan Zhao Ph.D. - Linking adipose innervation to central homeostatic regulation
JIA ZHOU PhD - Architecture and distribution of native GABAA receptors in the human brain
Siting Zhu Ph.D. - NEDD4 in right ventricular development
Jiayu Zhu Ph.D. - Coronary artery disease locus 7q36.1 regulates a flow-sensitive NOS3 enhancer and atherosclerosis in vivo
Wenjuan Zhu PhD - Elucidating Mechanisms of Congenital Heart Disease in Down Syndrome with 3D Cardiac Organoids and Single-Cell Multiomics