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Social Media

Connect to AHA on LinkedIN

AHA LinkedIN Graphic

LinkedIn – Search for American Heart Association and then follow.

This LinkedIn group is open to the public. See what’s going on across the AHA – science news, meetings, mission-related programs, and activities in your community.

Connect to AHA on X

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X (formerly Twitter) - Follow us at @AHAScience

Pump up your career and connect with global leaders. All you need to know about AHA science news, meetings, guidelines, funding opportunities, membership, and podcasts & webinars is all in one place.

Researchers at Heart LinkedIn Group

Researchers at Heart LinkedIN Graphic

This group is just for AHA Research alumni to connect. Here, you can communicate with other like-minded investigators; discuss your science and work issues; collaborate, and post job openings, etc.

Click “join” and we’ll admit you to the group.

Post Your News

Posting updates on social media is a fast and effective way to promote your work and celebrate your accomplishments.

What to post about?

  • New AHA funding
  • Funding from other sources that AHA funding helped to support
  • Your article or paper was published
  • You’ve been invited to present your work
  • You presented your work (poster or orally)
  • Your trainee received funding, published or presented their work in your lab
  • You attended an AHA meeting or local event

General guidelines

  • The “#” symbol, or “hashtag” on X and LinkedIn
    Used in front of a word or phrase to amplify a specific topic or message, making it easier for others to find your posts.

    Examples: #ResearchersAtHeart, #hypertension, #HealthEquity, #HeartHealth

    AHA conference hashtags are #AHA23, #QCoR23, #ReSS23, #ISC4, #EpiLifestyle24, #VascularDiscovery24, #Hypertension24, and #BCVS24.

  • Add Photos
    Include shots of your poster, lab, research, results, a slide or two slides from your talk, etc.
    Accepted image formats: .GIF, .JPEG and .PNG files.

  • Add Links
    These links might include your university, department or lab; a publication or journal article; an organization or conference. Anything that has a web address is accepted.

Tips for Posting on X

  • Mentions "@"
    Use the “@” symbol when you want to address or name a person, group or organization in a post. You can use the @ to tag someone in a photo, to recognize them, or to make sure they see your post.

    Depending on your privacy settings, when you use the “@” symbol, the entity you are tagging will be notified, allowing them to see and potentially repost your content.

    @AHAScience is the official account for meetings, science news, funding opportunities and membership within @American_Heart. When you include @AHAScience, we can re-post your message!

  • X posts are limited to 280 characters. Have more to say? No problem.
    Utilize the reply feature to reply to your own post with additional information.

Tips for Posting on LinkedIn

As you write your post, hashtags will automatically be in bold.
#AHAScience #ResearchersAtHeart #ISC24

As you begin to write your post, there will be buttons at the bottom. These will take you step-by-step to:

  • Add media (such as photos) from your files or the internet
  • Create an event
  • Celebrate an occasion – Enables you to connect the LinkedIn account of a person or organization, by name
  • Share that you are hiring
  • Create a poll
  • Add a document
  • Find an expert

Posting Inspiration

Announce Your Award

African American woman smiling and excited

Check out some real world examples and templates to help you announce your award to your social network.

Share a Presentation

Woman doing a presentation

Check out some real world examples and templates to help you share about your research award presentation to your social network.

Tell Others You've been Published

woman reading on laptop

Has your AHA funded work been published? Great! Tell others about it. Here are some templates and real world examples for how.

Build Your News Release

There’s no doubt that promoting your AHA research award funding will garner recognition and excitement for your achievement. We’ve made it easy for you to write a short news release. You can forward this to your institution’s public relations or media relations office as a head start. You might also submit your news release to your professional organizations, the alumni relations offices of the universities from which you earned degrees, and newsletters in the community where you live.

Simply follow the path on the attached document, inserting your information as you go. We even included a completed example.

Images and Artwork

Spice up your social media posts, PowerPoint presentations, and your email signature.
These will be updated periodically to reflect current AHA events.
Researchers at Heart Logo Promo Image
Should you require a different size, please contact us .
Researchers at Heart slides for promotion


Help others learn about AHA funding opportunities. Please add these slide(s) to your presentations at appropriate meetings and show on screens at events between presentations.