SFRN Training Director Information Page

Each Center is required to train fellows during the life of the award. These fellowships should include a basic, clinical and/or translational research experience. The Center must identify a Training Director to oversee the fellows and their training program.

The Training Director must provide a letter and biosketch, as outlined below.

Note: The applicant cannot submit his/her application without the Training Director’s documents; therefore, it is important that the Training Director meet the applicant's deadline. Send the Training Director’s documents electronically to the applicant. The applicant will upload the documents to his/her application. A document that exceeds the page limit will be rejected by our electronic application system.

Supporting Documentation for an Application

  1. Letter (2-page maximum): Provide a brief overview of proposed Training Director’s qualifications, experience, commitment, and amount of time to be dedicated to multidisciplinary training of postdoctoral fellows and the Center. Convert the letter to a PDF and uploading into ProposalCentral.

  2. Biographical sketch: (5-page maximum) – Use your NIH biosketch: NIH OMB No. 0925-0001 and 0925-0002 (Rev. 03/2020 approved through 02/28/2023).
    It is not necessary to reformat to AHA page specifications.
    If public sharing of your research outputs such as data, code, or material led to scientific advances by others, you are encouraged to detail this in the Personal Statement section.