Center Science Vision and Synergy

Published: August 17, 2020

The center science vision and synergy consists of two documents uploaded as one into ProposalCentral. This document will be uploaded in the Center and each Project application. 

  1. Summary of Proposed Center (no more than 3 pages)
    Provide a very brief summary of what this proposed Center has to offer. Describe any current research programs related to the topic of the network, and any history of successes in this research. Illustrate any events that led to the current application, and other projects not included in this application that would contribute to the intellectual environment. Also, describe any unique strengths in faculty, student programs or the institution that would make a flagship Center feasible.
  2. Synergy among individual projects (no more than 5 pages)
    These pages should be used for a high-level summary only. The research projects should be described in greater detail in the Center Project applications.

A clear vision of scientific direction is expected. A Strategically Focused Research Center should be viewed as a group of interrelated research projects, each of which is not only individually scientifically meritorious, but also complementary to the other projects and contributes to an integrating theme. Describe the rationale for the total program. Explain the strategy of achieving the objectives of the overall program and how each individual project relates to the strategy. (The peer review group must be convinced that exciting and significant research directions are being realistically planned. Keep in mind that the proposal will be reviewed by experts who can judge, collectively, all areas represented in the proposal but who may not be familiar, individually, with each area of research. This description should be concise yet explicit enough to enable experts in related areas to understand the main goal of each project.) Describe the synergies and interactions among projects and their investigators. What collaborations do you envision between investigators working on individual projects?

Combine the above documents into one PDF and upload to ProposalCentral.

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