About Our Research

Our Research

Research is a major weapon in our fight against cardiovascular diseases. Read about our research program, goals, financial commitment, standards, volunteer structure and how funding decisions are made, and types of research we fund.

Strategically Focused Research Programs

The American Heart/StrokeAssociation is committed to identifying and supporting specific science areas deemed critical to achieving our mission and strategic objectives. Foundation and corporate support for such strategically focused research, as well as partnerships with other professional organizations, allow the AHA to fund special initiatives or awards.

Research Accomplishments

The American Heart Association is currently funding over two-thousand researchers/scientists. Some of our awardees have not only made significant discoveries, they have been awarded the Nobel Prize.

Research Partnership Programs

The American Heart/Stroke Association funds investigator-initiated career development and knowledge discovery projects through its research programs. We also identify and support specific science areas deemed critical to achieving our mission and strategic objectives. The association has established partnerships with various organizations to co-fund focused research programs.

Research Facts

  • Since 1949, the American Heart Association has invested more than $4.8 billion in research to increase our knowledge about cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • The AHA currently funds more than 1,800 scientists in the United States
  • Although AHA funded 838 new research awards worth $188.7 million in 2018-19, the organization received 1,530 more applications, totaling $412.5 million, that we could not fund.
  • Our research programs have contributed to many important scientific advances. Any healthcare provider who has ever provided CPR, pacemakers, drug-eluting stents, clot-busting medicines or cholesterol inhibitors to patients is already benefiting directly from the impact of AHA research funding.
  • The AHA has funded 14 Nobel Prize winners.

Source: Research Facts 2018-2019

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