Council on Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award

The American Heart Association’s Council on Quality of Care and Outcomes Research (QCOR) Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a Council member for their significant long-term contributions to outcomes research and the improvement of cardiovascular care.

Candidates are selected annually by the QCOR Council’s Nominating Committee and the winner is selected by the Leadership Committee. The award is presented annually at the QCOR Scientific Sessions, and the winner is invited as a keynote speaker at the dinner.

Award Recipients

  • 2020 Paul A. Heidenreich
  • 2019 Gregg Fonarow
  • 2018 Eric Peterson
  • 2017 Sharon-Lise Normand
  • 2016 John Rumsfeld
  • 2015 John Spertus
  • 2014 Mark Hlatky
  • 2013 Harlan M. Krumholz
  • 2012 Fred Grover
  • 2011 Rob Califf
  • 2010 Gerald O’Connor
  • 2009 David L. Sackett
  • 2008 Robert H. Brook
  • 2007 Lee Goldman
  • 2006 John Wennberg
  • 2005 Stephen F. Jencks