2021 GPM and EPI Mid-Career Research Award and Lecture – Naveen L. Pereira, MD, FAHA

Naveen L. Pereira, MD, FAHA

Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN


Naveen L. Pereira, MD, is a Professor of Medicine, Department of Cardiovascular Diseases and Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Department of Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics at Mayo Clinic Rochester.

His research career has spanned the spectrum of basic science investigation in the laboratory describing common genetic variation by performing resequencing studies and determining the functional significance of this genetic variation by using basic molecular techniques to NIH funded population based studies by demonstrating the association of these and other genetic variants with biomarkers, adverse drug responses and disease states to performing NIH funded clinical trials to evaluate the utility and applicability of genetic variants that could modulate drug response in clinical practice by performing the largest genotype-based, international, multi-center randomized clinical trial in Cardiovascular Diseases. He has also adopted techniques in artificial intelligence to help develop heart failure risk prediction models using electronic health record data and screening for dilated cardiomyopathy using AI-ECG enabled tools. He has used disruptive NIH funded state of the art digital platforms to assess, follow, and transition patients enrolled in a clinical trial. Dr. Pereira has over 140 publications and was the Chair of the Professional/Public Education and Publications Committee of the Genomics and Precision Medicine Council of the American Heart Association. He has served on the Editorial board of Circulation: Genomics and Precision Medicine and currently serves on the Editorial board of Mayo Clinic Proceedings. He is currently a member of the NHLBI Clinical Trials Review Committee.