Kenneth M. Brinkhous Early Career Investigator Award in Thrombosis

Sponsored by the Council on Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology

The Kenneth M. Brinkhous Early Career Investigator Prize in Thrombosis recognizes outstanding endeavors by new investigators in fundamental and applied research in Thrombosis including the mechanism, detection, treatment, and prevention of thrombotic disorders.


  • Applicants must be a member of the American Heart Association. (membership number required to complete award application).
  • Applicants should be early-career (post-doctoral associates, fellows, or pre-tenured, junior faculty).
  • Applicant must have a sustained research effort in any area related to thrombosis as evidenced by at least one prior peer-reviewed manuscript in the field.
  • Finalists from previous years are eligible to reapply. Materials submitted in support of re-application must demonstrate that the project has advanced substantively relative to the original application.
  • The work covered by the abstract must not have been published at the time of abstract submission, or presented at a national meeting or world congress before May 5, 2020. The abstract must comply with the AHA Abstract Submission Guidelines as outlined by the Vascular Discovery 2020 Program Committee.
  • Be present at the Vascular Discovery Scientific Sessions to qualify for this award.
  • There are no citizenship requirements.

Application Requirements

  • Applicants must submit an abstract describing new, unpublished work in the field of thrombosis to Vascular Discovery Scientific Sessions.
  • A single manuscript, either unpublished or accepted for publication after January 14, 2019, is required as part of the application. The manuscript may be from a project distinct from the abstract submitted to Vascular Discovery 2020.
  • Applicants may also apply for the Page Award, however, an individual is not eligible for both awards in the same year.

Judging Criteria

The finalist will present their research results during a special session at the Vascular Discovery: From Genes to Medicine Scientific Sessions.
The applicant will be assessed on:

  1. The quality and originality of the submitted manuscript
  2. The quality of the oral presentation and response to questions
  3. Publication and funding record
  4. Service to our scientific community and the AHA


The first-prize winner will receive an engraved plaque and $1,000, plus a $500 stipend to defray travel costs. Other finalists will each receive a plaque and a $500 travel stipend.

How to Apply

The applicant must:

  1. Submit an original abstract to the Vascular Discovery 2020 Scientific Sessions. The abstract must be in accordance with the rules and regulations for submitting abstracts and must have been submitted by the abstract submission deadline. Submission dates are November 5, 2019 through January 14, 2020.
  2. Select the Brinkhous Prize during the abstract submission process.
  3. By Jan. 14, 2020, the following must be submitted by uploading into the abstract submission system (at the "Awards Application Materials" upload step):
    • A cover letter declaring the application for the Kenneth M. Brinkhous Early Career Investigator Prize in Thrombosis.
    • A manuscript that is either unpublished or was accepted for publication after Jan. 1, 2019.
    • A complete curriculum vitae, including bibliography, and clear documentation demonstrating that the applicant is in the early stages of their career (post-doctoral associates, fellows, or junior faculty) and does not have tenure.

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted by Jan. 14, 2020.

Award Recipients

2020 Winner

  • Robert H Lee, PhD

2020 Finalists

  • Nirav Dhanesha, PhD
  • Abhishek Jain, PhD
  • Sol Schulman, MD, PhD

Past Recipients

  • 2019 Tine Wyseure, PhD
  • 2018 Robert A. Campbell, PhD
  • 2017 Kellie R Machlus, PhD
  • 2016 Colin A. Kretz, PhD and Jeremy P. Wood, PhD
  • 2015 Lei Yuan, MD, PhD
  • 2014 Feng Ye, PhD
  • 2013 Lucia Stefanini, PhD
  • 2012 Michael Holinstat, PhD, and Philip Owens, III, PhD
  • 2011 Anil Chauhan, PhD
  • 2010 Rafal Pawlinski, PhD
  • 2009 Wolfgang Bergmeier, PhD
  • 2008 Craig Morrell, DVM, PhD
  • 2007 Brian G. Petrich, PhD
  • 2007 Hansjorg Schwertz
  • 2006 No Finalists
  • 2005 Ruhul Abid, MD, PhD
  • 2004 Peter Bodary, PhD
  • 2003 Sharlene M. Day, MD
  • 2002 Thomas Gerard Diacovo, MD
  • 2001 No Finalists
  • 2000 No Finalists
  • 1999 Mark L. Kahn, MD
  • 1998 Glen E. Cooke, MD
  • 1997 Andrew S. Weyrich, PhD
  • 1997 Nicholas W. Shworak, MD, PhD
  • 1996 Ulhas P. Naik, PhD
  • 1994 Chaoyang Li, MD
  • 1992 William P. Fay, MD
  • 1991 Marschall S. Runge, MD, PhD
  • 1990 Joseph C. Loftus, PhD
  • 1989 Sriram Krishnaswamy, PhD


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