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Resubmission of a Previous Application

What is a Resubmission?

A resubmission is the same or similar application (similar aims) as one submitted in a previous cycle.  For a resubmission, the applicant should use the same project title that was used in the original application.  The project aims should be the same unless they have been modified in response to critiques or because of changes in approach that the investigator has decided to make since the original submission.  Within the research plan, mark changes by using brackets, italics or bold (do not shade or underline changes).  If major changes are made to the application or if this is a different/new project, it is not considered a resubmission.

An applicant who is unsuccessful in competition may submit the same or similar application three times (the original plus two resubmissions).  The number of submissions of the same or similar application is determined by application deadline cycles. 

The same or similar application submitted for the fourth time will be withdrawn.

Applicants may only resubmit their own application.  It is not acceptable to resubmit a proposal previously submitted by another investigator.

In order for an applicant to have the benefit of critiques from the previous cycle, a resubmitted application will be assigned to at least one of the primary reviewers that it was assigned to in the previous round, whenever possible.  Reviewers for resubmitted applications will also be provided with the critiques and scores from the previous round for reference.

If major changes are made to the application or if this is an entirely different/new project, it should not be checked as a resubmission.

Please note that AHA requires applicants to either be AHA Professional Members or to pay an application fee. This requirement applies to those who are submitting revised proposals. (Applicants to Undergraduate Student programs and Medical Student programs are exempt from this requirement.)

Process in Grants@Heart for Applying for a Resubmission

If you are applying for a resubmission, you should log into Grants@Heart using your existing username/password.  After you log in, follow these steps:

  • Under Application Administration, click on Create a New Application.
  • Select the funding component and program for which you are applying.
  • Answer the Pre-Submission Questionnaire for the program successfully.
  • Answer Yes to the question, "Do you want to copy a previous application?"
  • Click Save.
  • Grants@Heart defaults to "Yes" to the question, "Would you like to copy this application for resubmission?" (this appears above the list of previous applications).
  • Select the appropriate application to resubmit.
  • Click the Copy button at bottom of screen.    

By going through this process, the Resubmission Modifications section will appear in the Science/Evaluation information section of your application.  Check the application to confirm it has been created correctly.


Supporting Document for a Resubmission - 2 page limit

Notice: Resubmissions of prior applications to the AHA Innovative Research Grant program and the Collaborative Sciences Award are not accepted.

If your application is a resubmission of an application unfunded in a previous AHA cycle (Association-wide or affiliate), you must create a document to explain the changes.

It is essential that you comply exactly with the association's format/type requirements and page limit listed below. 

  • Create a Word document. Convert your document to Portable Document Format (PDF); only PDF files will be accepted.
  • Document must be single spaced.
  • No more than 15 characters per inch (cpi) or an average of no more than 15 cpi (cpi includes symbols, punctuation and spaces).
  • No less than ¾" page margins allowed. 
  • Sixty lines per page are the maximum allowed.  (The average number of lines per page using the font and point size below will be 50-55 lines.)
  • Arial Font style, 12 point font size for Windows users; Helvetica Font style, 12 point font size for Macintosh users.
  • 2-page limit

Mark changes within the Research Plan by using brackets, italics or bold (do not shade or underline changes).

Create a document using the following heading:  RESUBMISSION MODIFICATIONS.  Address the following: 

  1. Specify significant changes made in response to major comments/criticisms from the scientific critiques. 
  2. Explain how the application has been strengthened or modified (additions, deletions, revisions). 

The Grants@Heart system will not accept a document that exceeds the page limit.