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BCVS George E. Brown Memorial Lecture

This lecture was established in 1935 by friends to honor the memory of Dr. George E. Brown. The first lecture was presented in 1937. Dr. Brown began his career as a general practitioner in the small community of Miles City, Montana and rose to chief of a section in the Division of Medicine of the Mayo Clinic. In the latter years, his clinical research was concerned chiefly with peripheral circulation. He was part of one of the small groups that was responsible for the formation of the Section for the Study of the Peripheral Circulation (later to become the Council on Circulation, now the Council on Basic Cardiovascular Sciences) of the American Heart Association, and was elected the first Chairman of the Section. However, he did not live to preside at the first regular annual session.

Previous Awardees of the George E. Brown Memorial Lecture

2018Howard A. Rockman, MD, FAHA
"Biased G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signaling "
2017Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD, FAHA
"Precision Medicine and Clinical Trial in a Dish for Cardiovascular Diseases"
2016Evangelia Kranias, PhD, MS, FAHA
"Unraveling Calcium Cycling Targets In Heart Failure"
2015Joseph A. Hill MD, PhD, FAHA
Pathological Cardiac Remodeling: 2015 ± 20 years
2014Jianyi (Jay) Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.
Patching the heart:  myocardial metabolism, perfusion, and functional recovery
2013Annarosa Leri, M.D.
"Cardiomyogenesis in the Adult Heart"
2012Deepak Srivastava, M.D.
"Reprogramming Approaches for Cardiovascular Disease"
2011Elizabeth McNally, M.D., Ph.D.
"The Interplay between Heart and Muscle Disease"
2010Joseph Loscalzo, M.D., Ph.D., FAHA
"Redox Metabolism and Cardiovascular Disease: A Translational Research Journey"
2009Harold Dietz, M.D.
"Marfan Syndrome and Related Disorders: From Molecules to
2008David Gutterman, M.D., FAHA
"Flow-induced vasodilation in the human heart: unique endothelial
mechanisms and clinical insights"
2007Roberto Bolli, M.D., FAHA
"Use of Very Small Embryonic-like (VSEL) Stem Cells and Cardiac Stem
Cells for Repair of Myocardial Infarction"
2006Garrett Gross, Ph.D., FAHA
"The CYP450 Pathway and Cardioprotection"
2005Stefanie Dimmeler, Ph.D., FAHA
"Deciphering the molecular pathways of endothelial progenitor cell mediated vascular repair"
2004David Kass, M.D.
"Ventricular-Arterial Stiffening: Mechanisms and Consequences of Coupling Disease"
2003Piero Anversa, M.D.
"The Role of Stem Cells of Myocardial Repair"
2002Peter Carmeliet, M.D., Ph.D.
"Angiogenesis, Arteriogenesis, and Vasculogenesis: From Genetic
Insights to Therapeutic Implications"
2001Robert J. Bache, M.D.
"Bioenergetic (mal)Adaptation in Failing and Hypertrophied Myocardium"
2000Richard A. Walsh, M.D., FACC, FACP
"Signaling Circuitry in Heart Failure: Lessons from Mice to Men"
1999Donald D. Heistad, M.D.
"Gene Transfer to Blood Vessels"
1998Gabor Kaley, Ph.D.
"Endothelial Control of Vascular Tone"
1997James T. Willerson, M.D.
"Detection and Potential Treatment of Unstable Atherosclerotic Plaques"
1996Thomas W. Smith, M.D.
"The Role of the NO Pathway in the Control of Cardiac Function"
1995David G. Harrison, M.D.
"Interactions Between Nitro Oxide and Superoxide in Modulation of Vascular Redox State"
1994George Cooper, IV, M.D.
"The Causes and Consequences of Cardiac Hypertrophy"
1993Paul Vanhoutte, M.D., Ph.D.
"Endothelium and Cardiovascular Diseases"
1992Bernardo Nadal-Ginard, M.D.
"Molecular Aspects of Cardiac Growth and Hypertrophy: Prospects for Cardiac Regeneration"
1991Allyn Mark, M.D.
"The Advance of Human Cardiovascular and Neural Physiology"
1990K. Lance Gould, M.D.
"Measuring Severity of Coronary Artery Stenosis Experimental Basis and Clinical Implications"
1989Francis J. Klocke, M.D.
"Coronary Pressure-Flow Relationships: Debates and Dilemmas During the 1980's"
1988John Ross, Jr., M.D.
"Pathophysiology of Exercise-Induced Regional Ischemia and Approach to Therapy"
1987Brian R. Duling, Ph.D.
"The Vasculature as a Communication Network"
1986Stephen F. Vatner, M.D.
"Autonomic Control of the Circulation in the Conscious Animal"
1985Barry M. Brenner, M.D.
"Actions of Atrial Peptides on the Kidney"
1984Hermes A. Kontos, M.D., Ph.D.
"Oxygen Radicals in Cerebral Vascular Injury"
1983Michael J. Brody, Ph.D.
"The Central Nervous System in Hypertension: Links Between Neural and Humoral"
1982Robert M. Berne, M.D.
"Current Controversies in the Regulation of Coronary Blood Flow"
1981Francois M. Abboud, M.D.
"Reflex Control of the Circulation - An Integrated View"
1980Salomon Z. Langer, M.D.
"Subclassification of -Adrenoceptros Into 1 and 2 Types: Relevance to Cardiovascular Effects of Drugs"
1979John T. Shepherd, M.D., D.Sc.
"Local Modulation of Adrenergic Transmitter Release"
1978Bjorn Folkow, M.D.
"Some Structural and Functional Interactions of Importance for Cardiovascular Homeostasis"
1977Julien I.E. Hoffman, M.D.
"Determinants and Prediction of Transmural Myocardial Perfusion"
1976Allen M. Scher, Ph.D.
"Carotid and Aortic Regulation of Blood Pressure"
1975Thomas N. James, M.D.
"Small Arteries of the Heart"
1974Curt A. Welderhelm, Ph.D.
"Microcirculatory Function in Health and Disease: The Evolution of Concepts and Technology"
1973Edgar Haber, M.D.
"The Role of Renin in Cardiovascular Homeostasis"
1972R.J. Linden (Professor)
"Identification and Function of Cardiac Receptors"
1971Theodore Cooper, M.D.
"Socialization of Medical Research"
1970Eugene Braunwald, M.D.
"The Contractile State, State of the Myocardium Theoretical Considerations and Clinical Implications"
1969Louis J. Tobian, Jr., M.D.
"Clues for Unraveling the Hypertension Problems"
1968William E. Huckabee, M.D.
"Regulation of Cardiac Minute Volume"
1967Eugene M. Landis, M.D.
"Capillary Pressure & Permeability Concepts, Methods, & Questions"
1966Henry A. Schroeder, M.D.
"Cadmium, Chromium & Cardiovascular Disease"
1965James F. Toole, M.D.
"Interarterial Shunts in the Cerebral Circulation"
1964John B. Hickman, M.D.
"Studies of the Human Retinal Circulation"
1963John Eager Howard, M.D.
"Hypertension as Related to Renal Ischemia"
1962Donald E. Gregg, M.D.
"Physiology of the Coronary Circulation"
1961Robert W. Wilkins, M.D.
"Physiology of the Peripheral Circulation"
1960Stanley E. Bradley, M.D.
"Clinical Physiology of the Splanachnic Circulation"
1959Ludwig W. Eichna, M.D.
"Circulatory Congestion and Heart Failure"
1958Lewis Thomas, M.D.
"Role of Hypertensitivity in Cardiovascular Disease"
1957Nelson W. Baker, M.D.
"Current Evaluation of the Thrombosis Problem"
1956George Burch, M.D.
"Oxygen Tension of Tissues In Vivo"
1955George Burch, M.D.
"Digital Rheoplethysmography"
1954Alan C. Burton, M.D.
"The Control of the Peripheral Circulation by the Walls of the Blood Vessels "
1953David P. Barr, M.D.
"Some Chemical Factors in the Pathogenesis of Atherosclerosis"
1952Isaac Starr, M.D.
"Physiological Considerations Concerned with the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Obstructive Vascular Disease"
1951Irving S. Wright
"Pathogenesis and Treatment of Thrombosis"
1950Edgar V. Allen
"Fifteen Years of Progress in Cardiovascular Disease: The Role of the American Heart Association in Research"
1949Walter H. Seegers
"Blood Coagulation and the Practical Significance of Recent Advances in our Knowledge of Prothrombin and Acglobulin"
1948Irvine H. Page, M.D.
"On the Nature and Treatment of Shock"
1946D.C. Elkin, M.D.
Arteriovenous Aneurysm: The Effects on the Circulation

Helen B. Taussig, M.D., and Alfred Blalock, M.D.
"A Consideration of Approximately 400 Patients with Pulmonary Stenosis or Atresia Who Were Treated by Surgical Means"
1942Major Harry G. Armstrong, M.D.
"The Effect of Flight on the Cardiovascular System"
(Note: Dr. Armstrong was unable to appear. Dr. P. McMasters delivered a lecture on LYMPHATICS)
1941Alfred Blalock, M.D.
"Peripheral Circulatory Failure"
1940Henry C. Bazett, M.D.
"Blood Volume and Cardiovascular Adjustments"
1939Cecil K. Drinker, M.D.
"Physiological Considerations of the Formation and Movements of Lymph"
1938Eliot R. Clark, M.D.
"Certain Aspects of the Behavior of Peripheral Blood Vessels as Observed Microscopically in the Living Mammal"
1937Walter B. Cannon, M.D.
"Factors Affecting Vascular Tone"