Junior Investigator Session
International Stroke Conference 2017

Nursing Symposium: Feb. 21, 2017
Pre-Con Symposia: Feb. 21, 2017
Sessions: Feb. 22 - 24, 2017
George R. Brown | Houston, TX

Junior Investigator Oral Presentations at ISC 2017


Provide an opportunity for junior investigators to present their ideas for possible grant proposal submissions and receive constructive feedback from senior investigators in a supportive atmosphere of collaboration and networking. Junior investigators will gain valuable experience expressing their grant ideas in an oral session and interacting with senior investigators for the purpose of refining research ideas.

It is the expectation of the ISC Program Committee that this session will result in stronger grant submissions from the junior investigators selected for presentation. Other junior investigators attending the session in the audience and contributing to the discussion period will also benefit& from the experience by being exposed to research approaches and grantsmanship ideas presented by the senior faculty that could stimulate their own research productivity.


Early stage investigators within seven years of completing their terminal research degree or within seven years of completing their medical residency are encouraged to apply for this oral presentation session.

Abstract Submission


  1. Total Length: One page, single side, approximately 450 words (3,000 characters with spaces)
  2. Font/Size: Arial 11, 1-inch margins
  3. Contents: Abstracts must include the following sections:
    • Proposal Title
    • Name of Principal Investigator
    • Institution
    • Current Academic Rank
    • Specific Aims
    • Significance
    • Approach
    • Innovation


Fill out the Abstract Submission Form (PDF).

Submission forms and the applicant's CV must be sent via e-mail. Please include your name, degree(s), institution and complete contact information in your e-mail.
The deadline to submit the form is Wednesday, October 5, 10 pm CDT.

Send all materials in one email to:


Open to all.

More Details

Selection Process

  • Young investigators submit a one page abstract of their proposal including the following abstract specifications: specific aims, significance, approach and innovation. 
  • Proposals will be reviewed by selection panel.
  • Proposals for basic science and patient-oriented research welcome.


  • A senior investigator will be designated as a discussant for each presentation. Discussants will provide initial comments at the beginning of the discussion period for their assigned presenter.
  • After the discussant provides a brief critique of each section of the proposal concept, there will be time for open discussion from the audience.
  • Five-minute presentation of grant proposal to include specific aims, significance, approach and innovation. |
  • Five minutes for the discussant to offer constructive feedback.
  • Seven-minute discussion period. Junior presenters may also use the seven minutes to ask their own questions and/or request specific feedback from the discussant/senior person and the audience.

Instructions for Discussants

Discussant will have access to the one-page summaries submitted by the young investigator in advance of the presentation. After the presentation of the proposal concept by the presenters, the discussants will offer comments pertaining specifically to each section of the proposal (specific aims, significance, approach and innovation.) Although the discussants will not be providing scores for each section, they will be expected to provide constructive comments as to the strengths and weaknesses of each section. After the conclusion of their remarks (no more than 5 minutes), the discussant will moderate an open question and answer period for the remainder of the allotted time (7 minutes.)