2023 SURE Scholars Awardees


2023 SURE Scholars!

Congratulations on being selected as a 2023 SURE Scholar! You are one of multiple scholars selected by the six participating institutions. Anticipate an exciting summer of research, collaboration, networking and learning. In addition to working with your mentor, your program will have group initiatives and learning opportunities. And, there will be opportunities to participate virtually in programs of other participating institutions.

Next Steps - Registration Process

In order to get you started in the program and AHA grant system, we need you to complete the following steps.

In order to complete this, you will need to obtain the following information from you host institution: 

  • the full name, degree, email, phone, and position/title for the following individuals at your host institution:
    • Site Director (Program Director at your host institution)
    • Mentor
    • Grant Officer
    • Fiscal Officer
  • a PDF copy of your resume/CV available
  • a PDF copy of your original application through your host institution of your research project
  • the title of your project
  • a brief description of the project you’ll be working on this summer (at least 3 or more sentences)

Step 1 - Create an PHD Account

Click here to begin the process to set up an AHA account.

Select the top red bar to log in as an applicant. On the next screen, select 'Create an Account'

Complete the form and hit submit. You will then be in ProposalCentral.

Step 2 - Activate ProposalCentral Account

Now that you are on ProposalCentral, log in and click on the "Link Accounts' botton.

In this next window, click on the 'Register with ORCID' to connect your account.

Here, click on "Proposal' and 'Identifier' which will then take you to the application for you to complete. No worries, you are not reapplying. This process is necessary to create an Award ID for you. To guide you through the application, view this tutorial video. There will also be a couple webinars offered on April 13 and 17.

Screenshot in ProposalCentral showing where Proposal and Identifier is on the page

You have until April 24 at 2 p.m. Pacific Time /4 p.m. Central Time/5 p.m. Eastern Time to complete the application. 

Step 3 - Complete the SURE Awardee Form

Complete the SURE Awardee Form by no later than June 26.

Important Dates

Important Dates
SURE ProposalCentral Q&A April 19
via zoom
SURE ProposalCentral Q&A April 21
via zoom
SURE ProposalCentral Q&A April 24
via zoom
AHA Orientation May 19
via zoom
Program start dates Boston Univ. - June 5
Medical College of WI - May 31
Northwestern -June 5
Stanford - June 26
Univ. Hospitals of Cleveland - June 5
Vanderbilt - June 5

Mid-program check-in
and prep for symposium

July 13
via zoom
SURE Symposium August 3
via zoom