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Stroke Council Committees

2002 Affiliate Liaison Committee
2002 Affiliate Liaisons
2005-2006 Intracerebral Hemorrhage Standing Committee
2005-2006 STR Primary Prevention Standing Committee
Communications Committee
International Affairs Committee
Member at large
Minority Affairs Committee
Pre-1997 AHA Assembly Delegates/Alternate Delegates
Pre-1997 Awards Committee
Pre-1997 Membership/Credentials Committee
Pre-1997 Student Scholarship Committee
Secondary Prevention Standing Committee
STR Early Career Cerebrovascular Development Committee
STR Emergency Care Committee
STR Emergency Neurovascular Care Committee
STR International Stroke Conference Program Committee
STR International Stroke Liaisons Committee
STR Leadership Committee
STR Leadership Committee
STR Long Range Planning/Nominating Committee
STR Membership/Communications Committee
STR Nominating and Awards
STR Nursing and Rehabilitation Professions Committee
STROKE CSSP Program Committee (DELETE)
STROKE Early Career Cerebrovascular Development Committee
STROKE Emergency Neurovascular Care Committee
STROKE Leadership Committee
STROKE Long Range Planning/Nominating Committee
STROKE Membership & Communications Committee
STROKE Minority Affairs Committee
STROKE Nursing & Rehabilitation Professions Committee
STROKE Performance Measures Oversight (SPOC) Committee
STROKE Professional Education Committee
STROKE Quality and Outcomes Committee
STROKE Rehabilitation, Prevention and Recovery Committee
STROKE Scientific & Clinical Education Lifelong Learning Committee (SCILL)
STROKE Scientific Statement Oversight (SOC) Committee
STROKE Telestroke Committee
STR Professional Education Committee
STR Quality and Outcomes
STR Rehabilitation and Recovery
STR Scientific Sessions Program Committee
STR Scientific Statement Oversight Committee
STR Stroke in Childhood
STR Stroke Rehabilitation Standing Committee
STR Telestroke Committee
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Standing Committee
University of Chicago Medical Center

Stroke Council Council Members