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Council on Clinical Cardiology Committees

CLCD_CVDY Adults with Congenital Heart Disease Committee
CLCD & CVRI Cardiac Imaging Committee
CLCD & CVSN Cardiovascular Disease in Older Populations Committee
CLCD Acute Cardiac Care and General Cardiology Committee
CLCD Cardiac Imaging Committee
CLCD Cardiovascular Disease & Stroke in Women & Special Populations Committee
CLCD Clinical Pharmacology Committee
CLCD CSSP Program Committee
CLCD Diagnostic & Interventional Cardiac Catheterization Committee
CLCD Electrocardiography & Arrhythmias Committee
CLCD Exercise, Cardiac Rehabilitation, and Secondary Prevention Committee
CLCD Fellow-In-Training & Early Career Committee
CLCD Heart Failure & Transplantation Committee
CLCD High School Outreach Program
CLCD Interventional Cardiovascular Care Committee
CLCD Laennec / Post Graduate Education Committee
CLCD Laennec Post-Graduate Education Committee
CLCD Leadership Committee
CLCD Long Range Planning & Budget Committee
CLCD Membership & Communications Committee
CLCD Nominating Committee
CLCD Samuel Levine Award Committee - DELETE
CLCD Samuel Levine Young Investigator Award Committee
CLCD Scientific & Clinical Education Lifelong Learning Committee (SCILL)
CLCD Women in Cardiology Committee
CLCD Young Clinicians & Investigators Committee
International Council Representative
Laennec Society Executive Committee
Pre-1997 AHA Assembly Delegates/Alternate Delegates
Pre-1997 Committee on Cardiac Imaging
Pre-1997 Committee on Cardiovascular Disease in the Elderly
Pre-1997 Committee on Electrocardiography and Arrhythmias
Pre-1997 Committee on Exercise and Cardiac Rehabilitation
Pre-1997 Committee on Heart Failure and Transplantation
Pre-1997 Committee on Intensive Cardiac Care
Pre-1997 Diagnostic & Interventional Cardiac Catheterization
Pre-1997 Laennec/Post Graduate Education
Pre-1997 Membership and Communications Committee
Pre-1997 Newsletter Committee
Pre-1997 Public Affairs Committee
Pre-1997 Samuel Levine Award Committee
Pre-1997 Women in Cardiology Committee
Prevention VIII Conference
Professional Education Committee
Young Clinicians and Investigators Committee

Council on Clinical Cardiology Council Members