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CVGPS Pathway Grant Full Application Requirements

CVGPS Full Application Instructions - Applications due October 1

The following must be met for the full application:


The documents below must be created as a Word-processed document, converted to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file, and uploaded to Grants@Heart. Only PDF files will be accepted. When creating the documents, you must comply exactly with the association's format/type requirements and page limit.  Failure to comply will result in the administrative withdrawal (disqualification) of the application. 

  • Only Portable Document Format (PDF) files will be accepted.
  • Document must be single-spaced.
  • No more than 15 characters per inch (cpi) or an average of no more than 15 cpi (cpi includes symbols, punctuation and spaces).
  • No less than ¾" margins allowed.
  • 60 lines per page are the maximum allowed (The average number of lines per page using the font and point size below will be approximately 50-55 lines)
  • Arial Font style, 12 point font size for Windows users; Helvetica Font style, 12 point font size for Macintosh users
  • Figures, charts, tables, graphics and legends may be smaller in size but must be clear and legible

Users of other word processing programs must adjust settings appropriately and should measure text after saving and printing as a PDF. Type requirements should be checked using a standard measuring device (such as a ruler), rather than relying on the font selected for a particular word processing/printer combination. Type size specifications must be observed in the text of your research plan or the application will not be reviewed and will be withdrawn. Adherence to font and margin requirements is necessary. No applicant should have an advantage over other applicants by providing more content in his/her application by using smaller, denser type. The AHA has the responsibility to make the final determination of conformance to format requirements and the authority to withdraw applications. This decision is final and not subject to appeal.

Internet Web site addresses (URLs) may not be used to provide information necessary to the review because reviewers are under no obligation to view the Internet sites. Moreover, the reviewers are cautioned not to directly access an Internet site as it could compromise their anonymity.

The only place a URL may be used is in the biographical sketch as described in the instructions for that form. Provide a URL to a full list of your published work as found in a publicly available digital database such as SciENcv or My Bibliography, which are maintained by the US National Library of Medicine.

Create the documents specifically following each outline given below. All documents should include the following items addressed. Do not exceed the provided page limits. Each numbered item indicates a separate document that must be uploaded in Grants@Heart.



  1. Research Plan (12 page limit)
  2. Biosketch for Principal Investigator (5 page limit)
    A biographical sketch is needed for each person working on the proposed project (e.g. principal investigator, joint (co-) principal investigator, consultant, statistician, lab personnel, etc.). If you have a copy of a current biographical sketch that you submitted with an NIH application you may use it. If you don't have an NIH biographical sketch, create a document using the biosketch directions
  3. Literature Cited 
    List all literature citations for your proposed project. There is no page limit for literature references cited.
  4. Publications or Abstracts (3 count)
  5. Research Project Environment Form - Word template (2 page limit) 
  6. Budget Justification (2 page limit)
    Download and complete the budget justification form (Word template). When completed, convert the Word file to a PDF and upload within Grants@Heart. 
  7. Vertebrate Animal Subjects (no page limit) 
  8. Description of Statistical Methods to Include Power Calculations (no page limit)
    Describe different statistical tests used to analyze final data including power calculations. Clearly describe overall design of the study, with careful consideration to statistical aspects of the approach, the adequacy of controls, and number of observations, as well as how results will be analyzed.
  9. Training Plan for Fellow(s) (2 page limit)
    The applicant must submit an outline of plans to train a fellow or fellows as part of the Pathway Grant.  The Training Plan document will meet the application requirements but an Individual Development Plan (IDP) should also be submitted if fellow is already identified at time of application.  See more instructions for Training Plan.
  10. Individual Development Plan, if applicable
    The Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a separate document that is optional based on if the fellow has already been identified. View the IDP Instructions for more information. If this does not apply to your application, you will upload a PDF document that says "Not Applicable".
  11. Data and Bio Sample Quality Management Protocol Summary (1 page limit)
    Briefly describe your quality management protocol for data and bio samples. 
  12. Computer Security Protocols (1 page limit)
    Due to the sensitivity of the FHS, JHS and other cohort data, briefly describe computer security protocol and include levels of security that will be taken during your research to protect the data. 
  13. For applications involving either Jackson or Framingham Heart Studies:
    Data application for the Jackson and Framingham Heart Studies (Word document)
    This must be converted to a PDF document and uploaded in Grants@Heart. If this does not apply to your application, you will upload a PDF document that says "Not Applicable".
  14. For applications that do NOT involve either Jackson or Framingham Heart Studies:
    Proof of Informed Consent (no page limit)
    IF proposing a new cohort or new individual testing of a current cohort, describe your Informed Consent procedures. If this does not apply to your application, you will upload a PDF document that says "Not Applicable".
IRB Approval
For the CVGPS Pathway Grant program, IRB approval is required prior to award activation.  EXEMPTIONS ARE NOT PERMITTED and EXTENSIONS TO THE TIMELINE CANNOT BE ACCOMODATED.  Partner studies will not release data or samples without a specific IRB approval for the AHA application and proposed project.  Awards will not be activated if approval is not received prior to the award start date of February 1. Applicants should initiate institutional IRB approval process immediately; do not wait until award notification. 

Third Party Personnel


  1. Collaborating Investigator's Biographical Sketch/Bibliography
  2. Collaborating Investigator's Letter
  3. Consultant's Letter
Notice: the Grants@Heart electronic system will reject a document that exceeds the page limit.

CVGPS Frequently Asked Questions