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Membership/Application Fee

AHA forms and instructions are updated for each deadline. Check the Supporting Documents for the program to be sure you have the most up to date information.

Each applicant must be either an American Heart Association Professional Member (memberships start as low as $81) or pay $125 per application submission. Professional Membership includes free research application submissions. Join and save money today! This fee helps to defray the administrative cost of processing applications, making more funds available for research awards.

Exception: Undergraduate Student Research Fellowship, Medical/Graduate Student Fellowship, and Health Profession Student Training Program applicants are exempt from the requirement.

Join or renew your membership today! Membership tiers start at $81.  A new Membership/Application Fee page has been added to the AHA application form in Grants@Heart.  Register online or through your application in Grants@Heart and your membership information will be updated immediately.  You may also join or renew by phone at 301-223-2307 or 800-787-8984.  Please be advised there is a 3-5 day waiting period to process membership.  As a result, it is better to join or renew through Grants@Heart on the day you plan to submit your completed application to your grants officer.

Applicants who opt to pay the $125 application fee, instead of joining, will be required to enter credit card information prior to submitting their application to the grants officer (GO). The application fee is non-refundable.

An applicant will not be able to submit her/his application to the GO until she/he joins/renews her/his AHA Professional Membership or pays the fee. As in the past, all applications are submitted to the institutional Grants Officer, who then approves and submits that application to AHA on behalf of the applicant and institution.  Questions about the membership/application fee requirement may be directed to or call 214-360-6107 option 1.


  • As a fellowship applicant, may I use my sponsor’s membership number?
    Pre-and postdoctoral fellowship applicants must have their own memberships. They are not covered under their sponsor's memberships. AHA wants to more actively engage these training-level investigators to become involved with AHA professional councils and to explore the many opportunities available through the association. Applicants to the Undergraduate Student Research Medical/Graduate Student Fellowship are exempt from the Membership/Application Fee requirement, due to the short duration and limited dollars for these awards.

  • How do I find my membership number and learn if my membership is still active?

    There are a number of ways to validate your membership:
      1. Log into the Membership site by clicking the ‘SIGN IN’ button at the top right of the screen. Enter your username and password. Once logged in, your name and membership ID will appear on the screen.
      2. Your membership number can be found on the journal mailing label above your name, a membership renewal notice, in your original welcome packet and on your membership card. 
      3. If you have a few days prior to the research application deadline, you can send a request via e-mail to
         Please include your full name and address for confirmation. Response from this web site may take up to three days.
      4. Call AHA Customer Service during regular business hours 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Central Time) at 301-223-2307 or 800-787-8984.
      5. From your Grants@Heart research application, go to the Membership/ Application Fee section. Click “yes” to the question, “Are you an AHA Professional Member?” You will see a link for those who forgot their membership number. You must enter the email address that is associated with your AHA Professional Membership account, and your member number will be emailed to you.
      6. Contact the AHA’s applicant assistance team at
      7. In the meantime, you may complete the entire application, but you will not be able to submit it to your Grants Officer until you enter your membership information, join via the link in Grants@Heart, or pay the $125 application fee.  

  • My name has changed. Grants@Heart does not recognize my member number, because my new last name has been pre-populated. What should I do?

    Please update your membership profile by following these steps:
    1. Visit Professional Heart Daily and choose ‘sign-in’ at the top of the screen. Enter your username and password.
    2. Once logged in, select your name in the header. The membership badge will display.
    3. Scroll down and select 'Profile Update' link. The Profile Update page allows you to update your account information (i.e. name, email, password, etc.). The change is made to the database immediately.
    4. If you still cannot proceed, through your application, you may need to log off and back onto Grants@Heart.
  • I would like to become an AHA Professional Member, so that I may apply for free, but I am too close to the submission deadline to wait 3 days to receive membership confirmation after registering.

    Use the link contained in the Grants@Heart application to be instantly recognized as a member.  Follow these steps:
      1. Log onto Grants@Heart and open/begin your application.
      2. Go to the Membership/Application Fee screen and click the link to join from within the application. By using this link, you will be taken to the membership site.
      3. Complete the joining process.
      4. Click the "Return to Grants@Heart" button at the bottom right to be routed back to your application in Grants@Heart. Grants@Heart will recognize that you have gone through the process. You will be able to submit your application to your grants officer.
  • If my grants officer declines my application to allow me to make revisions, will my membership or payment information be saved?

    If your grants officer declines your application, all of your membership or payment information will be saved. If your membership has expired between the time you began your application and the time you submitted it to your grants officer, your membership information will not be saved. 

  • If my grants officer misses the deadline, will I still be charged a fee?  

    When you enter your information to pay the application fee and click "Submit Payment, your credit card is charged immediately.

    If the applicant decided not to submit and instructed his/her GO not to send it to AHA, then neither the application fee nor the membership dues will be refunded.  It is advisable not to pay the fee until all other sections of your application are complete and you are sure you want to submit the application for consideration.

    If a grants officer will not allow the application to be submitted to AHA, then a refund of the $125 application fee will be issued. Membership dues will not be refunded. Please send the applicant’s name, phone number, email address, and the application ID number for which the applicant wants a refund to
  • How can I be sure that my fee was accepted and my credit card was charged?

    For those who pay the fee, the transaction number will appear on the Membership/Application Fee page of your application. In addition, the AHA’s credit card processing company will send email confirmation that your payment has been made. The application fee is immediately charged to your credit card when you click the "Submit Payment" button.

  • I just joined (or renewed) my professional membership using the link from the Membership/Application Fee page in my Grants@Heart application. I had to log back onto Grants@Heart, and it appears that my membership sign-up did not work.

    1. If the applicant closed the membership page, instead of clicking the "Return to Grants@Heart" button, go to the Membership/Application Fee page of your research application. Under ‘Are you an AHA Professional Member?’, click Yes.
    2. Select ‘Forgot your member number”.
    3. Use the option to search by membership username, and click ‘verify membership’.
    4. “Processing (Your membership has been validated.  Please continue.)" should now appear in the membership number field.
    5. This confirms that the membership process was completed, and you may submit the proposal to your grants officer. 

  • When I enter my membership number, I receive an error message that states "we could not verify membership with given details."

    There may be several reasons for this error message:
    1. If you copied and pasted your membership ID, please check that there is not an extra space at the end of the membership number or user ID you entered.
    2. Verify that your membership has not expired by logging onto your Professional Membership account at Professional Heart Daily to check the status of your membership.  It must be in "Active" status.
    3. Confirm that your last name is the same in your Grants@Heart application as it is on your Professional Membership account.

      **If you are unable to resolve the error message, please call our staff at 214-630-6107 option 1. Do not pay the applicant fee if you are an AHA Professional Member.**
  • Will my grants officer be able to see my credit card or membership information?

    No, if you pay the application fee, the data fields will become blank after your payment has been received by AHA. You must log into your AHA Professional Membership account to see personal information.