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Sponsor/Mentor Information Page

Welcome to the information page for the Sponsor/Mentor.

Each fellow must have a sponsor.  A sponsor is expected to be a senior investigator.  It's particularly important for the new fellow to receive wise counsel and direction from the sponsor/mentor interested in the conduct and progress of the research project during the research-training period.

Note: A co-sponsor is a joint sponsor.  This individual has the same responsibilities as the sponsor.  Including a co-sponsor in an application is considered an exceptional circumstance. Important:  A Sponsor or Co-Sponsor cannot be a Referent.   If you have been asked to write a reference document notify the applicant immediately. 

A sponsor/mentor for an individual applying for funding by the American Heart Association must provide certain documents.  These are required by the AHA for the research application.  The applicant cannot submit his/her application without your documents; therefore, it is important that you meet the applicant's deadline.  Send your documents by e-mail to the applicant.  The applicant will upload the documents to his/her application.

Format/Type Requirements

Follow the format and type requirements below when creating your documents.  This information can be provided as Word documents.

  • No more than 15 characters per inch (cpi) or an average of no more than 15 cpi (cpi includes symbols, punctuation and spaces)
  • No less than ¾" margins
  • 60 lines per page are the maximum allowed  (The average number of lines per page using the font and point size below will be approximately 50-55 lines.)
  • Arial font style, 12 point font size for Windows users; Helvetica font style, 12 point font size for Macintosh users

The documents are required as separate files.  Please pay attention to page limits.

Document 1: Sponsor's List of Past and Current Trainees (three-page limit)

Create a document using the following heading: SPONSOR’S LIST OF PAST AND CURRENT TRAINEES.

List trainees under your supervision (within past five years, current and pending) and indicate the source of stipend support for all current and pending trainees.  For past trainees, give the name of their present employer (institution) and position, title or occupation.

Document 2: Sponsor's Training Plan (three-page limit)

Create a document using the following heading:  SPONSOR'S TRAINING PLAN.

Describe your detailed plan for the proposed research training of this applicant; describe funds available to applicant from the sponsor and provide an assessment of the applicant.  The narrative should include the following six items:

  1. Describe research in progress in the sponsor's lab.
  2. Describe your plan to develop the applicant's research capabilities, including a statement on the sequence in which the applicant will be given increasing personal responsibility for the conduct of research.
  3. Indicate other related training or course work which will be required for specific technical skills or methods the applicant will expect to master (include the names, degrees and titles of other individuals who will be involved in training the applicant).
  4. Address the relationship of the research training plan to the applicant's career goals. Clarify the role the fellow played in the development of the research proposal.
  5. Provide your assessment of the applicant.
  6. Describe the scope and source of all funds available to the applicant, including departmental and institutional funds.  Because the fellow receives primarily stipend support from these awards, additional research support for the proposed project MUST come from the sponsor's lab.  Adequate current funding to support the fellow's project is a factor in the peer review criteria.

Document 3: Sponsor's Biographical Sketch/Bibliography (five-page limit)

Create a five-column table using the following heading:  SPONSOR'S BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH/BIBLIOGRAPHY.

Note: The information required in the biographical sketch is similar in format to the PHS SF424 (R&R)  Biographical Sketch used by the NIH.  If you have a copy of a current biographical sketch that you submitted with an NIH application, you may use it for this AHA application. 

If you don't have an NIH biographical sketch, create a Word-processed document following the format and illustration below.  Begin with entry into college and include postdoctoral training. Enter as many rows as needed.

Sponsor's Biographical Sketch - Education & Training - Sample Table
Institution & Location Dates Attended Degree (if applicable) Conferred (mm/yy) Field of Study

In this same file, create a section titled 1) Positions, 2) Publications and 3) Research Support.

  1. Positions/Employment, Memberships and Honors - List in chronological order previous positions, concluding with your present position.  Include start/end dates, position title, name of organization and department.  Also list other experience and professional memberships, and academic/professional honors received.  If necessary, senior applicants may list previous employment for the past 15 years and should be selective regarding memberships/honors.
  2. Peer-Reviewed Publications - List, in chronological order, selected peer-reviewed publications.  Do not include publications submitted or in preparation.
  3. Research Support - List elected ongoing or completed (during the last three years) research projects.  Give project number, agency, title of project, and dates of award.  Then briefly indicate the overall goals of the project and your role (e.g., PI, co-investigator, consultant) in the research project.  Do not list award amount or percent effort in projects. 

Document 4: Sponsor's Research Project Environment (no page limit)

Create a document using the following heading: SPONSOR'S RESEARCH PROJECT ENVIRONMENT

Note: This page is similar in format to the PHS SF424 (R&R) Facilities & Other Resources form used by the NIH.  Information from the NIH Resources form can be copied and used to create this document.

Specify the facilities to be used for the conduct of the proposed research. Indicate the performance sites and describe capacities, pertinent capabilities, relative proximity, and extent of availability to this project.  Use the following sub-headings: 

  • Laboratory
  • Clinical
  • Animal
  • Computer
  • Office
  • Major Equipment (list the most important items already available for this project, noting the location and pertinent capabilities of each)
  • Other (identify support services and specify the extent to which they will be available to the project)

Document 5: Sponsor's Project Description (three page limit)

For Institutional Undergraduate Student Fellowship only

Create a document using the following heading: SPONSOR'S PROJECT DESCRIPTION.

A sponsor must demonstrate that the student will be provided with a meaningful experience in research that supports the mission of the American Heart Association within the 10-week time period allotted for the award. Provide a detailed description of projects available for student to work on, and the nature of research activities of each project, which will be submitted to AHA by the Program Director at the time of award activation.