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Excellence Award for Hypertension Research

Sponsored by Novartis

Nominations for the Excellence Award for Hypertension Research, sponsored by Novartis, are being accepted Feb. 19–May 7, 2018. Sponsors wishing to have candidate(s) considered for presentation at the annual conference must make nominations by May 7, 2018.

This award honors excellence in research and discoveries in the field of hypertension as well as a researcher's contributions. The selection committee assesses the candidates' impact on their fields throughout their productive careers as well as any single discovery.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All scientists with a background in hypertension research and those who have made a meritorious scientific discovery or discoveries, either alone or with others, may be considered. The Selection Committee will assess the candidates' overall credentials and their impact on the field of hypertension.
  • AHA membership is not required.
  • A scientist may be nominated an unlimited number of times by different individuals in the same year.
  • Previous winners are not eligible for nomination.
  • All previous nominees who did not win will be considered without re-nomination for up to two additional years (the original nomination year plus two subsequent years.) Nominators may update the file in the subsequent years by contacting the Award Manager during the nomination cycle in each of the subsequent years. If a candidate falls out of the three-year consideration cycle without being selected for the award, he or she may be formally re-nominated.

How to Make a Nomination / Required Documents

Electronic submission through the Council Awards & Fellowships Application System is required. Hard copies of any part of the nomination cannot be accepted.

The nomination file (submitted on the nominee’s behalf) should contain the following documents in PDF format:

  • Letter of nomination on behalf of the candidate or candidates that outlines a description of the work or discovery that qualifies for consideration for the award.
  • Curriculum vitae and bibliography of the candidate
  • Three reference letters, written on electronic letterhead, from people familiar with the candidate’s work and scientific contributions to the field of hypertension
  • Electronic copies of up to three of the candidate’s most important publications

Special note: If you are nominating two or three individuals to be considered as a group, you will need to fill out a separate nomination form for each candidate but upload the same nomination letter and reference letters for each candidate since each letter will be supporting the group's nomination.  The nomination elements that should be different in each candidate's file will be the CVs and the published articles for each.

Past nominators who still have a nominee within the three-year consideration cycle and wish to update their nominee's file for this year's consideration should send any updated documents (reference letters, published articles) in PDF format via email to Council Awards no later than the deadline date. Nominators will need to indicate which of the past materials should be discarded in order to make room for the updated materials.

Visit the Council Awards & Fellowships Application System to complete a nomination.

A username and password previously set up through online profile registration at Professional Heart Daily will be necessary to access the Application System. If you have not created an online profile yet, please visit Professional Heart Daily to create an online member profile before accessing the Council Awards & Fellowships Application System. AHA Professional Members who are creating an online profile for the first time should make sure to register using their AHA membership identification numbers.


The winner will present a lecture during the Hypertension Scientific Sessions and will be honored at the Award Luncheon. The winner will also receive:

  • Honorarium
  • Award citation and medallion
  • Travel expenses for the honoree and a spouse or companion to attend the Hypertension Scientific Sessions, including round-trip airfare, ground transportation, and hotel accommodations
  • Complimentary registration to the Hypertension Scientific Sessions
  • VIP photo session with Council leadership and award sponsors

The following is a list of Award Honorees

The Excellence Award for Hypertension Research
Year Awardee
2017 Allyn L. Mark, MD, FAHA
Richard J. Roman, PhD, FAHA
2016 Suzanne Oparil, MD, FAHA
R. Ariel Gomez , MD, FAHA
2015 Costantino Iadecola, MD
Pedro Jose, MD, PhD, FAHA
2014 Thomas M. Coffman, MD
Toshiro Fujita, MD, PhD
2013 Murray Esler, MBBS, PhD
2012 Robert M. Carey, MD, FAHA
L. Gabriel Navar, PhD, FAHA

The Novartis Award For Hypertension Research
Year Awardee
2011 Ernesto L. Schiffrin, MD, PhD
Christopher Wilcox, MD, PhD
2010 John Oates, MD
Paul Vanhoutte, MD, PhD
2009 Carlos M. Ferrario, MD
Curt D. Sigmund, PhD
2008 Mordecai P. Blaustein, MD
John W. Funder, MD, PhD
Juan Carlos Romero, MD
2007 Friedrich C. Luft, MD
2006 William B. Campbell, PhD
Theodore W. Kurtz, MD
2005 Kenneth Bernstein, MD
Barry Brenner, MD
2004 Jorge H. Capdevila, PhD
David G. Harrison, MD
2003 M. Judah Folkman, MD
2002 John E. Hall, PhD
Gerald F. DiBona, MD
2001 Victor J. Dzau, MD
2000 Hans R. Brunner, MD
Jay N. Cohn, MD
Haralambos Gavras, MD
1999 Richard P. Lifton, MD, PhD
1998 Masashi Yanagisawa, MD, PhD
1997 Oscar A. Carretero, MD
Allen W. Cowley, Jr., PhD
Donald Dean Heistad, MD

The Ciba Award For Hypertension Research
Year Awardee
1996 Robert J. Lefkowitz, M.D.
Oliver Smithies, D.Phil.
1995 Louis J. Ignarro, Ph.D.
Salvador Moncada, M.D., Ph.D., D.Sc., FRS
1994 Adolfo J. Debold, O.C., Ph.D., FRSC
Ervin G. Erdos, M.D.
1993 John Paul Rapp, D.V.M., Ph.D.
1992 Detlev Ganten, M.D., Ph.D.
1991 Salomon Z. Langer, M.D.
Andrew P. Somlyo, M.D.
Avril V. Somlyo, Ph.D.
1990 Francois M. Abboud, M.D.
Michael J. Brody, Ph.D.
1989 Edgar Haber, M.D.
1988 Robert R. Furchgott, Ph.D.
Ferld Murad, M.D., Ph.D.
1987 Donald J. Reis, M.D.
1986 Maurice B. Burg, M.D.
John C. McGiff, M.D.
E. Eric Muirhead, M.D.
1985 Pierre Corvol, M.D.
Joel Menard, M.D.
Tadashi Inagami, Ph.D.
1984 David R. Bohr, M.D.

David W. Cushman, Ph.D.
Miguel A. Ondetti, Ph.D.
Sergio Henrique Ferrelra, M.D., Ph.D.
1982 Kyuzo Aoki, M.D.
Kozo Okamoto, M.D.
Yukio Yamori, M.D.
1981 Edward D. Freis, M.D.
William B. Kannel, M.D.
1980 Bjorn U.G. Folkow, M.D., Ph.D.
Arthur C. Guyton, M.D.

Karl H. Beyer, Jr., M.D.
James M. Sprague, Ph.D.
1978 Louis Tobian, Jr., M.D.
1977 John A. Luetscher, M.D.
James F. Talt, FRS
Sylvia Talt, Bsc, FRS
1976 Raymond P. Ahlquist, Ph.D.
James W. Black, FRS
1975 Lewis K. Dahl, M.D.
James O. Davis, M.D.
Walter Kempner, M.D.

The Stouffer Prize
Year Awardee
1972 Vincent P. Dole, M.D.
John W. Gofman, M.D.
Robert S. Gordon, Jr, M.D.
John L. Oncley, M.D.
1970 Irvine H. Page, M.D.
Sir George Pickering, M.D
1969 Jerome W. Conn, M.D.
Jacques Genest, M.D.
Franz Gross, M.D.
John H. Laragh, M.D.
1968 F. Merlin Bumpus, Ph.D.
W. Stanley Peart, M.D.
Robert Schwyzer, Ph.D.
Leonard T. Skeggs Jr., Ph.D.
1967 John W. Cornforth, M.D.
U.S. Von Euler, M.D.
Peter Holtz, M.D.
George J. Pipjak, M.D.
1966 Harry Goldblatt, M.D.
Ernst Klenk, M.D.