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Management of Pregnancy in Patients With Complex Congenital Heart Disease
01/12/2017 | Most female children born with congenital heart disease (CHD) will reach childbearing potential.
2016 CIRCULATION Resuscitation-Themed Issue
12/20/2016 | 2016 CIRCULATION Resuscitation-Themed Issue announcement with links to articles, issue, and podcast summary
2016 AHA/ACC Clinical Performance and Quality Measures for Prevention of SCD
12/19/2016 | Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is defined as the sudden cessation of cardiac activity so that the victim becomes unresponsive, with no normal breathing and no signs of circulation. Without immediate treatment, SCA progresses to sudden cardiac death (SCD).
Prevention of Stroke in Patients with Silent Cerebrovascular Disease
12/15/2016 | Silent cerebral infarction (SCI) is common, with the prevalence of SCIs greater than symptomatic infarctions.
HYPERTENSION Featured Article - December 14, 2016
12/14/2016 | Renal Denervation Reduces Monocyte Activation and Monocyte?Platelet Aggregate Formation
Poststroke Depression
12/08/2016 | Post stroke depression is common. It affects about 1/3 of stroke survivors at any one time.