Maintenance of Certification

Scientific Sessions 2017

Scientific Sessions: November 11–15

Resuscitation Science Symposium: November 11–13

Cardiovascular Nursing Clinical Symposium: November 13–14

Anaheim, California

The American Heart Association is pleased to offer the following Maintenance of Certification learning sessions to attendees of Scientific Sessions. These learning sessions offer board-certified physicians of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) the opportunity to earn points that count towards maintaining licensure. These sessions are designed to offer lifelong learning and self-assessment opportunities to continuously improve knowledge.
Maintenance of Certification
Session Number Title Date and Time
MOC.01 ABIM Learning Session: Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology, 2016 Update Sunday, Nov.13, 2016
9am – 11am
MOC.02 ABIM Learning Session: Cardiovascular Disease, 2016 Update Sunday, Nov.13, 2016
3:30pm – 5:30pm
MOC.03 ABIM Learning Session: Cardiovascular Disease, 2016 Update Monday, Nov.14, 2016
9am – 11am
MOC.04 ABIM Learning Session: Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology, 2016 Update Monday, Nov.14, 2016
2pm – 4pm
MOC.05 ABIM Learning Session: Interventional Cardiology, 2016 Update Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016
9am – 11am
MOC.06 ABIM Learning Session: Critical Care Medicine, 2016 Update Tuesday, Nov.15, 2016
2pm – 4pm


Registration Required. Attendees must register before Friday, November 4, 2016.

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ABIM Learning Sessions

The primary purpose of the Learning Sessions is to facilitate completion of ABIM medical knowledge modules by board-certified internists and subspecialists of internal medicine for them to receive Maintenance of Certification credit.

Learning Sessions are conducted in an interactive group setting with educational support, and are led by ABIM-certified physicians. Participants should be aware of the following guidelines:

  • No on-site registration is allowed. Room monitors will only allow those who have pre-registered to enter, so please arrive early.
  • You may bring your laptop to log in to the ABIM medical knowledge module for this session. Wi-Fi will be provided.
  • If you do not bring a laptop, you will need to transfer your answers to your individual module ordered from ABIM and submit them for MOC credit as soon as possible after the session.

For questions about the MOC process, please contact the ABIM

For questions about the MOC process, please email the ABIM